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Go Girls! is not just a summer camp.  It’s a movement.  We are igniting a Compassion Revolution by putting girls center stage.  At Go Girls!, rising first to sixth grade girls make plays, art, music, and media that we believe will change the world.


Go Girls! is a girls-only camp where campers learn and practice social and emotional skills through the arts.  Over two weeks, rising first through fourth grade girls practice theater, expressive arts, and music and make and perform their very own play that promotes pro-social values. Older girls (rising fifth and sixth grade) at our media camp produce, edit, direct, and star in their own short films. All the while, the girls are led by qualified, talented and friendly teaching artists and teen assistants.

Each day at Go Girls! drama camp, campers enjoy a combination of arts-based instruction, facilitated community building time, and lots of free play. They participate in acting, music, media, dance and visual arts activities. They also play outside and take time to relax and read. On the last day of the two-week camp, they perform in “the big show”, which you can watch. You’re in for a treat! The show is always an original and exciting theatrical experience which is often the highlight of your daughter’s time at Go Girls!

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Announcing Summer 2017!


Love how you look.  Who you love. How you learn.  You are different from me.  I am different from you.  Let’s celebrate.



  • North Oakland Community Charter School, 1000 42nd Street, Oakland
  • JCC of the East Bay, 1414 Walnut Street, Berkeley
  • Redwood Day School, 3245 Sheffield Avenue, Oakland

Dates and Times:

  • Session 1 | June 19-30 
  • Session 2 | July 10-21
  • Session 3 | July 24-Aug 4*
  • Session 4 | Aug 7-18*
  • The camp day runs from 9am-4pm with aftercare available until 5:30pm at the Oakland locations and 6pm at the Berkeley location.

*Both Go Girls! Camp and Go Girls! Productions run at each location for each session with the exception of Session 4.  There are no camps running at the Redwood Day School location during Sessions 3 or 4.  See more 2017 camp details here.


The Go Girls! Culture Code

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At Go Girls! Camp, we have a culture code that breaks down our vision of a compassion revolution into bite-sized pieces; we practice these points every day with all the girls to ensure we’re working towards the big picture. As Go Girls! we:

  • Say Yes – we’re ready for anything. To keep the fun going, we say yes. We say no to keep ourselves safe.
  • Give and Take – we give to others and we’re happy. We take in the good and we’re healthy. We’re Go Girls! and we belong.
  • Make Mistakes – we’re not perfect. We celebrate our efforts and learning. We can grow and change.
  • Feel My Feelings – we feel happy and angry and everything in between. We can act calm, even if we’re not. We’re right as we are.
  • Take Center Stage – we make brave and bold choices. We have the power of our voices, our bodies and our imaginations. We’re part of the whole play.

Benefits for girls

Our summer camp is for girls-only because we recognize that our society is out of balance, and girls especially are being hit hard by this. Levels of disengagement, disconnection, and distrust are rising dramatically in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. Lacking the skills to successfully bridge differences and communicate effectively, people and communities are being driven further and further apart.

This compassion deficit is affecting girls the most. Many girls, from kindergarten age through to high school, are taking part in behaviors associated with bullying or witnessing bullying crimes in their schools. And 32% of girls aged eight to 17 say that their biggest concern is being judged, made fun of, or teased. We also know from research that this compassion deficit can have a negative impact on mental health and development.

We have a responsibility to ensure the most vulnerable members of society, including young girls, can thrive – that they can keep themselves safe, respect and love themselves, be empathetic, and make brave choices. Go Girls! kids’ camp is here to help them reach their full potential; girls can be superheroes, leading a global compassion revolution!

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Are you ready to make a difference?  Learn more about how you can invest in this social business that is making the world a safer, more loving place – one girl at a time.