Countdown to Camp: Number 8 = The Young Women of Go Girls!

All of this warm weather in the Bay Area is reminding us that summer is almost here!  In fact, there are only 8 WEEKS until Go Girls! Camps start.  Let’s count the weeks down together with the Top 8 things that make Go Girls! great!

This Week, #8 is our Youth Staff/Camp Counselors

Youth Interns Collage

These 4 young women – (from left to right) Alaysia Brooks (19), Jazzy Lee (17), Leila Merzenich (14) and Celia Cody-Carrese (17 and yes, the title character of Starring Celia is named in her honor) – have been with Go Girls! for just about as long as Go Girls! has been alive and will all be back this summer to act as assistant teaching artists, helpers, and mentors for our younger girls this summer.  They work along side our team of experienced teaching artists to make sure all campers are seen, heard, and respected every minute of every day at camp.

We are so proud to have these young women work as our Camp Counselors because they are model Go Girls! in every way.  Every girl wants to be just like them.  Heck, every adult woman on our staff wants to be just like them.  They are all confident and kind and curious and beautiful.  They aren’t afraid to make mistakes.  They aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and try new things.  Here’s a very short video of all of them (much younger!) from 2 summers ago teaching the Go Girls! dance that Alaysia choreographed:


Leila, now an 8th grader, is our youngest Youth Intern and has been our main inspiration for the creation of middle school program – The Go Girls! Leadership Team – where middle school girls are prepared to become bold and brave leaders in Go Girls! Camp and beyond.  We are so proud that Leila was recently interviewed by Heart of Gold as an example of what happens when a young teen makes the choice to be a mentor.  You Go Leila!

We do have a few spots left for youth jobs at Go Girls! Camp this summer.  Do you want to join this amazing team?  Check it out>>>