Spark! Your Life Unplugged + Fun Math Contest for Kids

Photo Feb 08, 2 16 11 PMWe’re starting a new feature called Spark! Several times a week, we will handpick short news items that we’re fired up about — from cool opportunities for girls, to current controversies, and even some smart tips for helping the girls in your life join the Compassion Revolution. Got a Spark to share? Send it to us on Twitter using the hashtag #spark:

*This is Screen-Free Week,“an annual celebrations where children, families, schools and communities turn off screens and turn off life.” Read more about how to participate in this campaign, launched by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. 

Does a week seem like too long to go unplugged? You can always host weekly “technology shabbats.” In the Harvard Business Review, filmmaker Tiffany Shlain writes about her family’s experience of unplugging for one 24-hour period each week: “We garden with our kids, play board games, ride our bikes and cook and I write in my journal. I can have a thought without being able to immediately start implementing it. I feel more grounded and balanced. We try to be as unavailable as possible, except to each other and our children. I feel like a better mother, wife and person.”

*Since this is the last day of National Poetry Month, we are so happy that A Mighty Girl shared this beauty by Sarah McMane called “”For My Daugther.” It starts:

“Never play the princess when you can
be the queen:
rule the kingdom, swing a scepter,
wear a crown of gold.”

Read the rest on A Mighty Girl’s blog.

*ONE FINAL FUN IDEA: We love this cool contest from Scholastic, which encourages kids to find math in their everyday lives! “When you see examples of math in the world around you any time between April 15-May 12, snap a photo and post it to Instagram or Twitter using hashtag #MathPics. Need some inspiration? A water fountain is an example of a parabola; the cross walk sign is a great example of a countdown clock; two skis create perfect parallel lines!” The three favorite pics win some cool prizes!  Find out more here about how the girls in your life can participate.