Spark! Great Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Reading All Summer Long

Glenview Reads Starring Celia*Starting to think about summer? We sure are! And so are the smart folks at Scholastic, who put together a great blog about  5 Ways of Getting Your Kids to Read (and Like Doing it!) This Summer: “Reading counts even if kids are not reading books, every single day, all summer long.”

*Looking for great books to read? Flip through Common Sense Media‘s 150+ Chances to Get Kids Hooked on Reading for Life to find perfect picks for kids, tweens and teens ages 2 to 17.

*..And don’t forget about adding our own book to your list, Starring Celia, the story of a 4th grade girl who goes from being bullied to being a “Go Girl!” Read more about our project and find out how to buy your own copy!

*One book we’re looking forward to checking out ourselves is Annie Fox’s book on girls’ friendship issues, which will be published in September: “What our girls need are effective tools for managing conflicts. Combine those tools with the self-respect and social courage to use them… now we’re talking about effective strategies for positive change,” she wrote in a recent blog. Take a sneak peak at her forthcoming book here.

*LAST THING:  Make sure you take your daughters to your local comic book store this Saturday because it’s Free Comic Book Day, an annual celebration at which “participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores.” Find a participating store near you!