Spark! Helping Girls Dream Big

Photo Feb 22, 11 40 40 AM*We all want the girls in our lives to dream big! That’s why we were so excited to see these 7 Easy Actions to Inspire Your Daughter to Dream Big, all wrapped up on a brand new blog entry on Girls Can’t What?. We especially connected with this great piece of advice:  “Be sure she takes time out daily to dream and be creative. Start with just 5 minutes. That will impact her life in unexpected ways in our overscheduled, busy lifestyles. (If she doesn’t have 5 minutes, then we need to talk.)”

*… and here’s another great list of 7 important tips: How to Raise Assertive Kids Who Speak Up for Themselves and Others: 7 solutions to help kids develop self-confidence, buck peer pressure and speak up for themselves, a new article from Dr. Michele Borba, author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions. Among her advice is this gem that connects so strongly with what we believe at Go Girls!: “Kids… tell us they gain that confidence…by entering into activities, clubs, teambuilding, etc. and the earlier the better. So provide opportunities for your child to be a member of a team, take charge of a project or lead others. You might also enroll your child in public speaking or theatre to build confidence in speaking in front of others. ”

*Now it’s your turn to help make a list: On the Pigtail Pals blog, Melissa Wardy is looking for input from other girl advocates who were disturbed by Disney’s sexy makeover of Brave’s plucky protagonist Merida: Right now, Wardy wants to use your input to “create a list of 5-7 Action Items that creatively lays out steps Disney can take to make this right…By using our consumers voices to talk *with* a corporation (as opposed to making demands from) we demonstrate to the people inside that we understand they are friends and parents and neighbors who may not completely understand the issue or how to get out of it. This community believes in ‘When you know better, you do better.’ Let’s show Disney how they can do better.” What do you think Disney should do?

*ONE LAST THING: The 12 middle school girls serving this summer on the Go Girls! Leadership Team spent May 18 and 19 together in Santa Rosa, CA to bond with each other, learn about leadership, and share their gifts and talents. Check out the highlights of some of their magical moments on YouTube!