Spark! Celebrating Father’s Day

father_daughter*We love hearing from thoughtful dads who are working hard to make sure their daughters grow up strong — especially as Father’s Day approaches. Love this post from Marcus Williams and Joanna Schroeder on The Good Men Project, which suggest 25 rules “to help build close bonds between daddies and their little girls.” Our favorite? “Teach her that she has power over her own body and sexuality: From when she’s small, tell her that her body belongs to her, and she is the boss of it. As she gets older, teach her that her body isn’t to be used in the effort to win love or approval, or to manipulate others. Teach her that sex is beautiful, and that choices to have and not have sex both carry power and integrity, as long as she is true to herself.”

*And speaking of great advice, author Annie Fox has got some wise words for dads on her blog post It Take a Real Man to be a Dad.  It includes gems like: “Catch them in the act of doing something right. Some fathers believe you teach responsibility by berating kids when they mess up. That’s actually backwards and Dad knows it. Unacceptable behavior is unacceptable. No quibble there. But your kid is more likely to do the right thing consistently when you notice. You don’t need to throw a pizza party or give out gold stickers. Just say something simple like: ‘It was nice of you to help your brother with his homework.” End of celebration. Simply praise the behavior you want to see more of. It works with kids. Spouses, too.” Maybe pass it on to dads in your life?

*There are so many great quotes about parenting and fatherhood, but we love this sweet one from actor Christopher Meloni, that shows that children shape parents just as parents shape children: “The surprising thing about fatherhood was finding my inner mush. Now I want to share it with the world.” Do you have a quote or poem that you love about fathers, daughters, or parenting? Share it with us!

*ONE LAST THING:  Have you seen our Welcome to Camp video yet? Check out how excited Lynn and Allison are that Go Girls! Camps are about to start!