Spark! Raising Brave Girls + Do Your Kids Have Enough Playtime?

bravegirlswant*Fired up about the controversy over Brave’s Merida — or a fantastic new campaign to get LEGO to create  “a balance of male/female Minifigs,” including women involved in STEM careers? We are! That’s why we’re very excited to join The Brave Girls Alliance, an awesome group of  girl advocates who are saying: “Let’s work with media content creators and every large corporation and retailers and let them know what it is that our Brave Girls REALLY WANT.” Can’t wait to follow their progress — and join their efforts!

*Thanks to Shaping Youth’s Amy Jussel for pointing us to this painful infographic about how much play is missing from our lives. A whopping 87 percent of parents said their kids don’t get enough playtime in their daily lives — and 70 percent said that electronic devices interfered with playtime. As we head into summer, it’s a great question to consider: What can you do to get more playtime in your kids’ lives (and into your own life, too)? Tell us your ideas!

*Speaking of summer: Are you worried about summer slide — when all of a sudden your kids can’t remember math facts — or the difference between  noun and a verb? We know the secret to keeping the girls in your life in shape during the long vacation months! READING! Get more ideas about how to keep them turning pages — including resources to check out — from Common Sense Media. A recent parenting blog post at the smart site also includes this important reminder: “It’s OK — in fact, it’s beneficial — for kids to get bored, too. Downtime encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity and develop their inner selves — essential skills they can use all their lives.”

 ONE LAST THING: What are you favorite reads to share with the girl in your life? Let’s work together to create a list! We’re putting Starring Celia at the top!