Spark!: The End of Prop 8 and DOMA (and one family’s story)

Abby_Bergman*Among all the exciting coverage this week about the end of Prop 8 and DOMA, teenager Abby Bergman has posted a lovely, personal piece about growing up with two moms — and her early decision to become an activist for equality — on The Huffington Post: “I remember waking up the morning after Prop 8 passed wondering how this is possible and questioning why people didn’t know better. How is it that a 17-year-old can see what some adults cannot seem to? That love makes a family.” YES!

*”The important thing is … no matter what happened yesterday, today is a new day,” writes Rachel Macy Stafford in a brave post called “Why I Stopped Yelling At My Kids” on the dotcomplicated blog. Love that this mom is working to change herself — but also forgive herself for past mistakes. Both are excellent lessons to model for our girls. 

*And talk about collective intelligence!  Shaping Youth’s Amy Jussel, writes about spending the day with several generations of her family, each member trading old and new school technology tricks: “As each generation learned from one another preserving keepsakes and capturing different media moments, it really sunk in that we were a living, breathing collaboratory of participatory learning.” See how she did it on her blog!

ONE LAST THING: We’re wrapping up a great week of Go Girls! Camp in Santa Cruz! Our first time ever in this city — but definitely not the last. Check out this awesome pick of campers working hard to come to a group consensus from the very first day!

Photo by gogirlscamp