Shay Mitchell is a Go Girl!

shay-mitchellYes, the rumors are true.  Not only is Shay Mitchell an actress, model, and star of ABC’s Family’s Pretty Little Liars, she is, in fact, a Go Girl!  After getting her own copy of Starring Celiashe chatted with me about how she identifies with Celia, how she was able to put her own insecurities in the Tower of Oops to become the woman she is today, and what advice she has for all the other Go Girls! out there…

“Celebrate being you.  When I was younger, all my girlfriends had blonde hair and blue eyes.  I had tan skin, dark hair, and dark eyes.  So I would always be trying to compare myself to them and try and change myself.  I look back at those photos now and I’m like, ‘What was I thinking?  Why didn’t I just be me?…Why wasn’t I celebrating just how unique I was?'”



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