Spark! Studies Reveal How to Prevent Summer Slide

Photo Mar 01, 1 06 51 PM*How do you stop the summer slide and make sure your daughters don’t lose the learning achievements they made in school this year? Keep them reading! According to a Time magazine article, which examined several studies, “As simple as it sounds, reading books can reverse the summer slide in literacy skills for even the poorest children.”

While class certainly impacted which kids suffered reading achievement  loss, parents from lower-economic groups who read to their kids, and took them to the library, performed stronger than their peers.

*So excited to read all the great responses from this week’s #BraveGirlsWant Twitter party: @PigtailPals wrote,”#BraveGirlsWant to be shown and seen as scientists, teachers, explorers, inventors, champions, change makers, business leaders” and @SPARKsummit said, “#BraveGirlsWant control over their own lives, bodies, and futures.” What would you think brave girls want? Keep the list going on Twitter!

*And here’s a good reminder from Playground Dad as we get into the slower days of summer: “It seems that society and we parents – both with good intentions – forget that sometimes whether it is kicking a ball in soccer, making music with a violin or expressing oneself through drawing, joy can be found in the act of doing those things, and not the trophy, the applause or the recognition.” Get advice from Bruce Reyes-Chow about Teaching Our Children to be Joyfully Mediocre.

*ONE LAST THING: Have you seen this great ad from GoldieBlox? The engineering toy meant to inspire girls to build will be now sold at Toys ‘R Us and the cool folks at the company found a fun — and surprisingly tearjerking — way to let the world know! Check out their commercial on YouTube.