Spark! Beating Summer Boredom

kids-running-at-beach-stockbyte*What do you do when your kids tell you they are bored?

Here’s our advice: Sometimes you should let them be. After all, boredom is a great way to spark the imagination. Sometimes, though, you should reach for this smart list from Common Sense Media: 100+ Ideas to Keep Kids Busy This Summer: From beach reads to road-trip tunes to essential car games, we’ve rounded up this summer’s best boredom busters. Lots of ideas for what you can do on those looonnnnggg summer road trips. 

*Want your kids to improve their social media savvy? Check out this NPR post that reveals the results of a fascinating study on Facebook and regret:  “This part probably didn’t require an academic study, but research confirms that the most common Facebook regrets revolve around sensitive topics like alcohol, sex, politics, religion or ’emotional content.’ That includes posts about relationships, with profanity and/or negative comments.” May be a good time to review those privacy settings with the girls in your life!

*All parents can use support to help them raise strong, confident girls. That’s why we’re excited that A Mighty Girl has launched a parenting section, “featuring over 150 carefully-selected books about a wide variety of parenting issues.” Check out their list — and tell us if there are any more you would add?

*ONE LAST THING: Here’s a great idea to keep your kids reading this summer! On the iTwixie Book Club, tweens can not only post reviews of their favorite books, but also participate in a Summer Books Battle! Fun!