Spark! Study shows how media impacts girls’ body image

test-go-girl-background-1.png*SPARKsummit has the results of a fascinating study about how images of female athletes impact girls own feelings about their bodies:

“It seems like looking at images of women playing sports made girls more aware of what their own bodies could do rather than simply how they looked – which is super awesome!  On the other hand, girls who looked at the sexualized images (either of athletes or models) were more likely to describe themselves in terms of their beauty or appearance and these descriptions were often negative (e.g., “I am ugly”).

Read more here!

*We are following the protests here in Oakland since George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin — and thinking of our neighbors at Youth Radio, whose windows were smashed.

We were glad to read in The Huffington Post that Youth Radio’s Executive Director  Richard Raya “is planning a series of public forums in which community members are encouraged to discuss Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and wider social justice issues.” Count us in!

*Getting over a math phobia can be tough — for our kids and for us. That’s why we signed up for an awesome free online class for parents and educators from Stanford. The class is “a short intervention designed to change students’ relationships with math… it caused students to re-engage successfully with math, taking a new approach to the subject and their learning.” Sign up for How to Learn Math now!

*We’ve written before about ideas for beating summer boredom, but here’s another great reminder from the awesome Annie Fox:

“If we teach kids that it’s our job to do for everything for them, why should they bother learning to be creative? Why should they even bother thinking about what they might enjoy doing? Summer can feel especially long when every moment of every day is unstructured. But a long summer can be such a gift to the imagination and the spirit.”

Read her helpful advice for staying strong through the summer on her blog.

*ONE LAST THING: Feeling grumpy? Unusual schedules, the costs of camps and vacations and your kids constant craving for junk food  can overwhelm even the most mellow parents. That’s why we’re laughing about Playground Dad’s awesome 3 Ways to Get Your Summer Mojo Back As a Parent, which includes this great gem: “…if you’re like me, you’re tired of constantly saying no to everything your kids ask. Recently, after saying no for weeks on end, I agreed to a water balloon fight with the boy. I got my ass kicked. In the end I was soaked and freezing, and it was pretty excellent. So next time you’re about to say no, think:  could it be yes?”