Spark! Four Secrets to Stop Feeling So Stressed Out

Photo Feb 08, 12 49 06 PM*We’re talking to a lot of parents that are feeling stressed out trying to juggle work ‘and summer schedules — and still squeeze in time to make fabulous family memories, too. That’s why we wanted to pass along these fabulous tips in I Shine creator Jill Hope’s Parenting Stress – Four Strategies to Lessen Tension and Live More Peacefully.

Remember: “Each day you have an opportunity to make a fresh start; to act in a new way. If you’ve behaved in a way that you are not proud of, don’t dwell on it. Before you get out of bed, spend a few minutes thinking about how you want to day to unfold.” Read the rest on Stress-Free Kids.

*We’re kind of loving the idea behind Good Virus: Kindness Is Contagious,  a documentary exploring “the idea of kindness as an emotional contagion, and a force for good in the world.” Read more about this exciting project on The Huffington Post, which ends with this provocation:”Imagine kindness as a good virus, and think about how it spreads by good intentions coupled with kind actions. In a world that often seems filled with every social element but kindness, maybe it’s not too late to begin a kindness revolution.”

*Here’s to helping our girls develop healthy body images! Check out Towards the Stars list of great books that can help you help her stay active, make good choices — and love her body, no matter what size it is. We’d love to hear about any other great tools you’ve found to add to this list of resources!

*ONE LAST THING: Love this parenting tip Rebecca from ITwixie shared on Twitter: “Is your girl ‘bossy?’ Embrace it, she’s a born leader!”