Spark! Give Your Daughter a Back-to-School Self-Esteem Boost

celia bullying trio*Worried your daughter may be the victim of bullies at her school this year? Dr. Michele Borba helps you figure out what behavior to look for — and what to do about it:

“If you think your daughter is really having a hard time, be available. Schedule a few weekends together. Take her to the gym with you. Take her to lunch. Find her an ally. Talk to the teacher. Help her create a safety plan. Help her find a friend. Increase her self-esteem. And believe her!”

*Also, here’s a great way to give your girls a self-esteem boost, from Print out the Just 4me form “and use it to write down special information just about you. Keep it in your locker, your notebook, or your bedroom to remind you of all the good things that make you unique.” Sounds like a great back-to-school exercise!

*On a sillier note: We can’t stop laughing at this ad from HelloFlo, “a mail-order tampon and pad service that sends you your stuff, along with some candy, each month, right when you need it.” It features some hilarious lines (the tween star of the commercial describes HelloFlo’s service as “Santa for your vagina.”)¬† Also, we’re loving such frank and funny talk about girls and women’s bodies! Watch it on Jezebel.

*Would you give a 2-year-old a smartphone? If so, you are not alone. Research from eMarkerter¬†found “that one-quarter of children ages 2 and younger own a smartphone, their parents say.” Eek! Read the rest of the study on Yahoo, then tell us your rules for smartphones and other technology in your home.

*ONE LAST THING: Hosting a sleepover before the end of the summer? We love this activity for tween girls: Make your own homemade lip gloss! How fun is that? Find out what you need on ChicaCircle.


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  1. lynneej says:

    Thanks for the Club ChicaCircle shout out! I love your other links and recommendations. Thanks for the reminder to spend time with our girls and to *believe* them! So true! Have a great day!

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