Spark! SYTYCD Dancers Take on Bullying

*Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance? Did you happen to see one brave’s troupe take on bullies and bystanders? If you missed it, check out their super moving performance below:


*Speaking of bullying: Helping girls make good friends is a big part of the Go Girls mission! Our book Starring Celia helps girls get beyond the bully and victim trap — as do these great suggestions from Towards the Stars.

*Around here, we tend to think that books hold the answers to many of life’s problems. That’s why we were inspired reading a Scholastic parenting blog post about How to Use Books to Prepare Your Kids for a New Sibling.

Check out the tips, including this sage advice: “Don’t stop reading just because the baby has arrived. The adjustment to a new baby is just beginning. After the baby has arrived, one-on-one time with an older sibling cuddled up on a big chair or before bed will be even more special.” Tell us: What books did you use to get your kids ready for a new brother or sister?

*ONE LAST THING: Want to talk to other parents and experts about the best way to help girls build healthy friendships? New Moon Girls has upcoming webinars that you can sign up for now!