Start Some Good! Join Our Fundraising Campaign and Change Lives!

 Our bold and brave belief: Girls are the superheroes who will lead the world in a Compassion Revolution. Go Girls! are Emotional Superheroes


Go Girls! has primarily been a fee-based summer camp serving girls from supportive, well-resourced families who value and are able to afford quality summer programming for their daughters.  We are very proud to work with these girls and their families. 

However, we know that igniting a Compassion Revolution means that we must find ways to reach all of our girls in our region’s most vulnerable communities.  Currently, we are building partnerships with organizations in East Oakland, Richmond’s Iron Triangle, San Francisco’s Tenderloin community, and the Hoopa Indian Reservation in Humboldt County, CA.  Raising $25,000 from our community will allow us to continue to support this partnership develoopment and produce 1 full session of Go Girls! Camps in one of these communities. 

But there is more we want to do.  We want to scale Go Girls! Camps to be able to serve ALL of these communities as well as to share our curriculum and tools with other communities in need throughout the US. When we reach our ultimate goal of $45,000, we will be able to produce an additional Go Girls! Camp in another community; effectively document our process so that it can be disseminated to various communities; and create and carry out a plan for future fundraising. 

Our ultimate fundraising goal for 2013-14 is $100,000 to be able to serve both elementary and middle school age girls in all four potential partner communities.  To this end, Glitter & Razz has partnered with the Expressive Arts Therapy Program of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco to create an innovative partnership that will help us scale Go Girls! in our region.  Through this partnership, we will train and prepare Expressive Art Therapy students and interns in our Make a Play, Change the World Methodology.  These therapy students, in partnership with highly experienced teaching artists as well as youth workers from the respective communities, will provide just the right hand-on, low-ratio, and deeply caring staff team needed to support the specific social/emotional needs of these girls.

We will also be able to partner with the renowned Oakland School for the Arts to expand our Go Girls! Leadership Team (GGLT), a program that supports the social/emotional health of middle school age girls by giving them the opportunity to use their gifts to be leaders in our camps and in the community. 

Will you join us? Please read more about our campaign, contribute what you can right now and help us spread the word to other girl advocates in your community.