Help Us Spread the Word About Our Fundraising Campaign! 3 Ways Your Can Help Right Now!

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We are raising money to help bring Go Girls! Camp to girls in our area’s most vulnerable communities.  Our online campaign has finally gone live and our goal is to raise at least $25,000 by Sept 14.
We can do it…with your help.
Here are 3 Ways Your Can Support Girls Right Now!
  1. Decide how much you, personally, are able to donate and please, donate it. The link is at From this page, you can share the fact that you donated on Facebook or Twitter. Please let your friends know about your good deed!
  2. Share your love of Go Girls! on your Facebook page.  Please complete the prompt “I want you to donate to the Go Girls! campaign because…” and post on all your social networks!
  3. Send an email to 5 to 8 folks who you think will donate. Campaigns like ours can only succeed when folks ask EVERYBODY in their personal networks to donate. So, let’s get asking. Please write each of your contacts a personal email (we all respond better that way).  The email can and should be short and sweet.  You can adapt/personalize the paragraphs below:
Hi [Friend],
Please do something for me.
I recently made a donation to Glitter & Razz Productions, a great organization raising money to bring incredible life-changing Go Girls! Camps to girls in vulnerable communities. You can find out more about the campaign by going to There, you can also make a donation today!  Your donation comes with some super cool reward gifts at all levels from $10-$10,000 — so, decide where you feel comfortable helping out.
Here’s something else you can do: Please help me spread the word by sharing the link on your Facebook page.  Do you know anyone else who would think this work I’m doing is awesome?  If so, please forward this email along. Thanks so much and let me know if you have any questions!
Do you have other ideas about how to make this campaign successful? Tell us!