Celebrate Yourself…Somebody Has to…

October is Bullying Awareness Month.

Folks all over the country are focusing this month on helping kids (and the adults who love them) learn and practice the skills to help build safer and more loving schools and communities.  As part of this effort, throughout the rest of the month, we at Go Girls! Camp are giving you 25 tips to help you teach your daughter how to respect herself, command respect, and respect others who are different from her.

TIP #1: Celebrate Yourself & Encourage Her To Do the Same

In the video below, Go Girls! Camp co-founders, Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny, discuss how we as women have a hard time feeling worthy of praise, celebration, and compliments.  When we model “oh, I’m no big deal” kind of behavior in front of our girls, they take that in and perpetuate the “oh, I’m not big deal” kind of culture.


It’s hard.  We know.  We are constantly battling many messages that tell us we are not worthy and not enough.  That’s exactly why we have to practice celebrating ourselves and teaching our daughters to do the same.  Here are 3 ways:

  1. Create a Celebrations Ritual – Don’t just wait for your birthday! Pick a time each week or each month when you and your daughter can sit down together and answer the question, “What do you want to celebrate about yourself?”  Make sure that both of you answer the question.  Remember: it’s so important for her to see YOU practicing too.
  2. Encourage your Daughter to Take in Compliments – When grandma comes over and tells her “Your hair looks so cute that way!,” don’t let her ignore the compliment.  Encourage her to take in kind words by making eye contact and say “thank you.”  Again, make sure you are practicing the same.  So, the next time someone tells you “Your hair looks so cute that way!,” replace your impulse to say “Oh, I’m not sure…it’s not exactly what I wanted when I went to the hairdresser”…just say “Thank you.”
  3. What’s a choice you made today that you are proud of?”  – A wonderful dinner or bedtime ritual is to share stuff about your day with each other.  We all make choices each day that lead to good things.  “I am proud I chose to play with a new friend.”  “I am proud I chose the salad over the french fries.”  “I am proud I chose to stand up for myself at work.”  Answering this question on a regular basis gets you in the habit of learning to respect yourself (and each other) for the choices you make.

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