Feeling Scared? Fake It ’til You Make It

Watch This with your Daughter:


In this video, I describe Commanding Respect as “acting in ways that give others the opportunity to respect us.”  This can be real tricky when we are feeling afraid or small or embarrassed.  However, the concept of “fake it ’til you make it” is all about how we can feel those feelings on the inside but still choose to project confidence and bigness on the outside.  This is a good kind of faking it.  This is the kind of faking it that actually changes us.  The more you fake it, the more it will come true.

…Build your confidence right now by telling yourself that you’ve got it in you; the more you believe that you are capable, the more you will be>>>

After watching this video with your daughter, have a discussion around these questions:

  • Can you relate to Lynn’s story?  Can you tell me about a time when you felt scared or embarrassed? (Parents, make sure that YOU share with her also.  She will learn so much from you and you build even more trust with her when you make yourself vulnerable.)
  • So, to command more respect from others, what can we do to “fake it” and appear confident even when we are feeling scared?
  • What other situations (at school, at work, on the playground, dance class, at the gym, etc.) can we practice “faking it?”

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