5 Things You Can Say to Help Her Stop the Whining

Whining is important communication…news from your child, hot off the press. The headline is: “I feel alone! I feel powerless!”


If you have a daughter who never whines, you can skip this post.  And…congratulations, by the way.  Otherwise, if you are like most parents, you have a child who whines.  And it may even annoy you.

Don’t worry.  It’s normal.

It’s so normal that it can provide an opportunity for you to do a bit of coaching with your daughter to support her in making bolder, more confident vocal choices…rather than whining.  When helping to prepare your daughter to command respect in a world of bullying and aggression, the stronger her voice can be, the better.

In this 1 minute video, Allison models 5 things you can say to address her whining habit and build a stronger voice in asking for what she needs in the world:


  1. “Try using a calm voice to ask for what you need.”
  2. “How are you feeling right now? Do you know?”
  3. “It’s hard for me to listen when you whine.”
  4. “That sounds like whining. Can you try a more confident voice?”
  5. “I hear you. What can you do right now to take care of yourself?”

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