Pass Out Love on Halloween

If you are lucky, you are going to have dozens of kids come to your home tomorrow night in hopes that you will give them a treat.  This is a huge opportunity!  In addition to candy (yes, please don’t forget the candy), why not show them how much you care about them and their safety.  Eliminating bullying in our communities will happen when all children feel safe, valued, and respected by caring, empathetic adults.  This Halloween, you can work with your daughter to make and spread care and empathy throughout your community using art.

HalloweenHandoutUSAThe website is dedicated to providing anti-bullying resources.  The have created a poster (right) that you can access from their site that is designed to be passed out on Halloween to provide kids with practical information about where they can turn if they are victims of bullying.  Get that poster here.

The practical support is important, but so is emotional support.  Tonight, grab your art supplies and spend some time with your daughter creating your own original posters featuring inspirational words and/or images that show trick-or-treaters you care about them.  The act of making the posters alone will give you another opportunity to connect with your daughter about empathy.  While you are creating, ask her:

  • “What do you imagine it feel likes for people to be bullied?
  • How do you think kids will feel when they get these beautiful posters we have made?”

Giving away your creations will feel great for both of you.  It will be fun for the kids who get them.  Plus, you never know what difference your words of encouragement  will make in someone’s life.

Need inspiration yourself?  Pinterest is a great source of inspirational quotes you might want to use in your posters.  Check out our Inspiring Quotes board.  Also, check out this one and this one.