Create a Culture of Peace

Any good story, good drama, is driven by what the main character wants.  Building a story around what a character doesn’t want, is pretty boring.  Just imagine it.  What if, instead of working so hard to find the Wizard because she so desperately wanted to get back to Kansas, Dorothy’s whole journey was based on simply not wanting to get caught by the witch.  It’s just not how adventures are driven forward.  I believe that, if we want to change something, we must frame our actions in the positive.  We must ask ourselves, “what do I WANT?” and focus on that want, not on the opposite.  There is a great post on Dr. Christine Carter’s blog called “Teach Peace Instead of Anti-Bullying.”  I love this title.  This is what it’s all about.  We spend so much time talking about eliminating bullying – the thing we don’t want – when we should be talking about what we actually want – more peaceful homes, schools, and communities.

Naomi Drew is an author, speaker, and leading thinker on this topic.  In her book, Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids, she lays out the 17 Keys to Peaceful Parenting.  I adore these.  What do you think?

Key #1:Peace begins with me.
Key #2:I have made my home a place of kind words.
Key #3:I catch my children in the act of positive behaviors and praise them immediately, specifically and sincerely.
Key #4:I spend at least 15 to 20 minutes a day with each child, listening, interacting, and giving my full attention.
Key #5:I am clear on the standards of behavior I expect of my children. I honor those standards and expect my children to do the same.
Key #6:I provide my children with empty spaces of time during which they can just “be kids.”
Key #7:I hold regularly scheduled family meetings where my children have a voice in the workings of our family.
Key #8:I have set a foundation for peacefulness in our home by creating with my children “Guidelines for a Peaceful family.”
Key #9:I always remember that I am the parent and deserve to be listened to.
Key #10:I have fair, reasonable consequences for negative behaviors which I only use when necessary.
Key #ll:I listen with all my heart to what my children have to say, and teach them to be good listeners for others.
Key #12:I teach my children how to handle anger in nondestructive ways and I model this consistently.
Key #13:I resolve conflicts peacefully and teach my children to do the same.
Key #14:I find ways to help my children succeed.
Key #15:All my actions are guided by love, compassion, fairness, respect, and integrity. I nurture these attributes in my children.
Key #16:I live my commitment to peaceful parenting; my commitment guides all my actions.
Key#17:I remember daily that we each have an impact on the world around us and I teach this to my children.

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