3 Gifts to Keep You Sane This Holiday Season

Any chance your holiday is about more than joy and jingle? Most of us also experience stress, hustle, anxiety…even grief.  What’s a Go Girl! to do in moments like these? Receive one of these 3 gifts- FREE from us to you this holiday season. Treat yourself to sanity.

replace itGIFT #1 : Kidpower- Whenever I start to panic about the big holiday get-together or feel big feelings around the holidays, I take a moment to re-read one of my favorite Kidpower articles. Once I remember the superpower of boundary setting, I am more ready to show up and be present.  I am more ready to take good care of myself during this season. I am more ready to be myself. I am more ready to take charge of my emotional safety.

GIFT #2: Mindfulness- Lately, I’ve been practicing stillness as an antidote to anxiety. It’s as easy as downloading a free mindfulness app and being willing to sit with myself for 3 minutes at a time.  I remember to breathe,  get present and recharge. I’ve never felt worse after practicing mindfulness. Only better.

GIFT #3: Way of Joy Chi Kung- If you live in the Bay Area, the other gift I want to offer you is the FREE Nourish the Flame Workshop my friend Vicki leads every year. I always go to recharge and set intentions for the new year. Her approach to Chi Kung is playful- so playful she calls it “The Way of Joy.” She’s a master teacher and a free opportunity to work with her is not to be missed.


Why not arrive in 2014 just a little more grounded, rested and inspired? You’re welcome.