3 Games to Play as a Family this Holiday

Glitter & Razz Style!

This post was written by Allison Kenny, co-founder of Go Girls! Camp and author of Starring Celia.

My 3 year old niece loves to be a puppy. She studies my actual dogs and copies their every move. “Allison, give me treats!” she says, wagging an imaginary tail. This girl could play puppy forever.  She gets it. PLAYING is the most fun ever. Some how come older kids and grown ups forget so easily? In a world where play is all about Angry Birds and crushing candy (no judgment- I’m getting a new phone for Christmas) it becomes hard to play in a way that connects us, keeps us in our bodies and creates spontaneous fun.


Here are 3 good ideas to bring the PLAY back into your holiday menu!

1. Giving Gifts – Done unwrapping all the real gifts? Surrounded by stuff and overwhelmed? Take a break. Have your family team up in pairs and stand facing each other. One pretends to give the other a gift. The receiver gets to pretend to open the gift and say what it is. Repeat.

Giver: “Here you go! Careful it’s heavy…”

Receiver: “Wow! My own paperweight collection. I love it. Here, I got you something, too.”

Giver: “Cool. A teeny tiny elephant. I’ll keep her in my room. Here’s another one for you…”

And so on…make fun out of literally nothing. Go around at the end and tell everyone the best gift you got! Good for ALL AGES

2. What is it?- Stuffed after dinner? Teenagers disappear but you still want the family to be together? Call everyone over and sit in a circle. Pull out a simple object (ruler, marker or paper towel roll are good ones) Turn the everyday object into something else by acting it out. The rest of the family guesses. Pass the object around the circle until everyone gets a turn or two. Whisper ideas into the ear of your littlest ones if they need it (phone, guitar, lipstick, baseball bat…the options are endless).

 3.  Follow the Leader Dance Party- Need to burn off holiday-induced stress or over-excitement? Let your kids choose music they love and get a dance party going. One dancer stands in front, showing off their main move. Everybody copies. (Bad dance moves welcome and encouraged!) The lead dancer dances over to someone new and gives them a high five. That dancer comes forward and leads the group for a bit. Repeat. Encourage full participation. The magic of this game is about including Grandma, Autie Jo and Dad. We’ve all got moves…so keep dancing!

Have fun puttin’ a little more Glitter & Razz in your holiday celebration this year!