3 Simple Ways to Help you Choose a Summer Camp in the Bay Area

Some of you are like, “Are you crazy?  You have to be on top of it to get into the camps you want.  I’ve had my summer 2014 schedule planned before Christmas, thank you very much.”  Some of you are like, “Are you crazy?  It’s January!  I can’t think about summer camps yet.  Where ever there is still space is where my kid will go.”  And, you know what, you are both right.  After over a decade in this summer camp business now, I find that both and all kinds of parents are successful at getting their kids into super cool summer camps.  You know why?  Because summer camp is just generally super cool…that’s why! Whether your kid is into the arts, or sports, or science, of nature, or ANYTHING ELSE, you can find a summer camp where she will get to do that thing, ALL DAY.  I can’t think of anything better than that.

Bay Area parents, just in case you are one of those parents who, right about when February hits, starts to look up and go “Oh, I should probably start to think about what my kids are gonna do this summer,” (and most of you are from my very unscientific noticings over the years), here are my suggestions for finding that super fun summer camp that will rock your daughter’s world.

1. Come to the Summer Camp Fair at the French American School in San Francisco – I like this fair the best of all of them.  It starts early enough on a Saturday morning so that you can roll through and still have the rest of your day to do your Saturday stuff.  There is a great mix of camps represented.  Plus, they usually have croissants available which is as good enough reason as any, in my opinion.

2. 510 Families is a great site for all things parenting in the Bay Area (especially the East Bay).  Their summer camp guide launches on their site early next week and you will certainly want to check that out.

3. Camperoo is actually a resource to Texas families (where it’s based) in addition to Chicago and here in the Bay.  A great way to find, book and organize your summer schedule.

*Bonus: I want to give a shout out to some folks I like and encourage you to check out their camps: