35 things we love about Allison: A Birthday Celebration

Allison HeadshotToday is Allison’s 35th birthday.  As Go Girls! celebrates one of our most exciting years ever, we must stop and celebrate the woman who’s leadership made all of this possible.  So, today, we present the 35 things we love most about Allison Kenny

  1. Her laugh.
  2. Her leadership.  She has created the most amazing team of teaching artists around.
  3. She is the most empathetic listener any of us have ever met.
  4. Her courageous and bold sense of style.
  5. She is an emotional genius.
  6. The way she holds strong and loving boundaries and teaches us to do the same.
  7. How much she loves her dogs.
  8. How much she loves her friends.
  9. That she has made herself into the person she wants to be and that she continues, each day, to grow deeper and deeper into that person.
  10. How much she loves karaoke.
  11. How she is able to give advice – very wise advice to folks ages 3-93 – in a way that is authentic and honest without any judgment.
  12. Her smile.
  13. How much she shines on stage with her Playback Theater company.
  14. How much she loves me (Lynn).
  15. Her commitment to her own health.
  16. Her sense of curiosity and adventure.
  17. That, even though she has a compromised sense of direction, she is does not let that get in the way of exploring new places in the world.
  18. Her commitment to red lipstick.
  19. Photo Feb 17, 2 14 42 PMHer passion for and focus on becoming a mom.
  20. How much all her students think she is “magical.”
  21. Her vision for girls as leaders in the world.
  22. Her ability to create organizational systems that are clear and efficient at the same time that they prioritize self-care practices and honor the genius of the folks who work  with and for her.
  23. Her love of good tea.
  24. That she brought Starring Celia into the world.
  25. That she will, one day, write a sequel.  When she is ready.
  26. How much she cares for the needs of others but not at the expense of caring for herself.
  27. Her colorful, playful, warm home always filled with bowls of fresh fruit and vases of fresh cut flowers.
  28. Her love of gardens.
  29. Her ability to face problems with openness and confidence in her own ability to find a solution.
  30. How much she loves her birthday.
  31. Her genius in creating a Go Girls! methodology that makes space, not just for the girls to learn, but for herself and all of the other women who work with her to grow and thrive.
  32. allison karaokeHer ability to notice, reflect deeply on, and investigate how she shows up in the world – with all of her privileges and challenges – and use this investigation to go even deeper.
  33. How much she love vanilla malts…without apology.
  34. How she will sing, at the top of lungs, at any moment.  Just because she is happy.
  35. How she has inspired hundreds of Go Girls!, of all ages, to live our best lives in this world.

What did I miss?  What would you add?