Creative Geniuses: Meet the Women of Go Girls! Camp 2014

These are the incredible women who will be leading our approximately 300 Go Girls! on the journey of making and performing their own peaceful and powerful plays this summer.

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These are theater artists and expressive artists.  Some are dancers.  Some are musicians.  Some have been teaching with Go Girls! Camp for years.  Many are with us for the first time.  They are all deeply committed to the idea that girls and women making art together in bold and brave ways can and does change the world.


We all came together for 2 days in Oakland on March 22 & 23 for learning, connection, and inspiration.  New staff was introduced to and welcomed into the Go Girls! culture.  Allison and I shared our best practices for creating and leading engaging learning experiences that make kids feel safe at the same time encouraging them to take on new challenges. The best part, in my opinion anyway, is that we went through the process of making and performing our own play, just like the girls do.

IMG_1463And just like the girls, we experienced what it was like to share our ideas, put those ideas together, and share in the delight of what the “Script Fairies” do with those ideas once they are integrated into the final script.  Then, these women also deepened their empathy for the girls when they too had to learn their lines and cues and staging VERY FAST – the Go Girls! have a week…these women had about 2 hours.  Like our campers, these Go Girls! Creative Geniuses experienced every emotion from excitement to nerves to hesitation to confusion to exhilaration.  And just like our campers, these women practiced honoring and working through these emotions to share the gift of their play with a loving audience at the end.  As a result, the magic and power of theater…as it always does…bonded us together as a community, taught us so much about how to be better teaching artists this summer, and inspired us as individuals in so many ways.

So, get ready everyone…here we come…