Help 300 Go Girls! Girl Up to Change the World

300 Go Girls Square May 2014300 Go Girls!
can create really, really big things

like 10 plays
in 4 cities
putting girls
center stage
300 characters
300 times more compassion
300 possibilities for what girls
can be
300 Go Girls! bring 
1000 audience members
to witness
600 dancing feet
300 voices singing
2000 hands clapping, cheering
“I wanna do that.”
“I wanna be that.”
“I wanna be a Go Girl! too.”
Hearts on fire and minds blown
300 Go Girls! can change the Bay Area
An army of awesome
cooler than your 1980’s leg warmers
Connected in Community
300 brave
300 inspired
300 safe
300 Go Girls! can Girl Up
300 Go Girls! can change the world

We believe so strongly in the magic and power of girls to change our world that we are ready to put this belief into action.  When Summer 2014 registration reaches the 300 mark, Glitter & Razz Productions will pledge $1000 to Girl Up, an innovative campaign of the United Nations Foundation.

IMG_2010Girl Up gives American girls the opportunity to become global leaders and channel their energy and compassion to raise awareness and funds for United Nations programs that help some of the world’s hardest-to-reach adolescent girls.

In addition to our organizational pledge, we are also training, supporting and preparing our Go Girls! Leadership Team to take action in the world in their own right.  Our middle school girls will be working this spring, summer, and beyond to lead their own campaign to support their peers around the world.  Through this work, they will:

  • Build awareness about the issues that face other girls in this country and around the world
  • Raise funds for the education, health, safety, and empowerment of girls in the developing world
  • Learn how they can influence policy and make a difference even as young people
  • Engage in local service projects that benefit our most vulnerable populations of girls here in the US

So, what can you do to be part of this movement?

  1. You can help us reach our goal of 300 Go Girls! by registering for Go Girls! Camp.
  2. If you are already registered for camp, thanks.  Help us spread the word by sharing this blog post with your community via Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Sign up for our Go Girls! Girl Up Action Newsletter so we can keep you updated about the progress of the Go Girls! Leadership Team.