They really are OUR girls and we have to do something

#bringbackourgirls quote

We’re all stunned, outraged and terrified that this is happening in the world.  And today, I am feeling especially moved.  As of today, there is almost exactly the same number of Go Girls! registered for camp as there are missing girls in Nigeria.  The same number.  This really hits home. It makes it all too real. These girls, thousands of miles away, are, in fact,OUR girls.  I am sad and extremely angry.  I want them to brought back home.  Now.

Photo May 03, 10 45 50 AMLast month, we made a promise to support the education, health, and safety of girls in the developing world.  Last week, we brought together 19 middle school girls for a training workshop – 1/2 of them members of our GGLT and the other 1/2 CITs at Art Yowza Camp in Alameda.  We engaged them in an activity that had them think about how they, as youth leaders, might contribute to this fundraising effort.  They set a goal for themselves to raise $2000 to donate to Girl Up.  They came up with some great ideas to do this, including:

  • Putting out “one of those see-through boxes” at the sign-in table during camp
  • Using social media, especially Instagram (that’s where girls their age are!)
  • Babysitting for younger kids and donating the money they earn
  • Asking local businesses if we could set up a “booth” or a jar for collecting donations
  • Sell the artwork we make at camp


Photo May 03, 12 07 20 PMOur young leaders all walked away “Certified Go Girls!,” fired up and ready to take on this fight.  And, today, even more than ever, I am fired up and ready to help them achieve their goal.  Because, like this #BringBackOurGirls campaign is showing us, we can all do our part to make a difference.  And, like the quote says above, “there’s no force more powerful to transform society” than an educated, involved, and fired up girl.

What do you think of our young leaders ideas for fundraising?  Do you have any ideas for us?  Do you want to help us out in any way?

Make sure to read the article by Nicholas Kristof where his powerful quote (above) comes from.  It breaks down exactly how powerful educating girls is and why it will, in fact, change the world.