We Are From…A poetic reflection from Go Girls! Camp 2014

by Go Girls! Camp Co-Founder/Director, Allison Kenny

Go Girls! Camp 2014 Session 3 collage 1

We are from 300 Go Girls!
11 plays in 5 cities
hundreds of rounds of applause

Ancient Egypt, a space hotel, Times Square, Berkeley High
The Go Girls! School is where we’re from

wishing trees, arcade games, a giant cell phone prop
homemade leg warmers, time machines, peace flags, jelly bracelets
masks and clouds, flower power purses,
watercolor portraits and a moving Eiffel Tower set piece- that’s where we’re from

” I was always told women should be seen and not heard”
“I protest this protest!”
“I wonder if Hollywood would be interested in a movie about ice powers?”
“My husband says that hippies are annoying…BUT my husband’s annoying too”
“I want my MTV!”
“The smart girls! They are people too!”
“I’m a Go Girl! So check, check me out…so check check her out”

The Go Girls! song, Heavy D, Working 9 to 5, Happiness Runs, Can’t Touch This, Celia’s protest song, We Are the World, Erica’s french dance, Julie’s dramatic death sequence, Sending out an SOS, Lucky Star, Aerobics class
The sloth song is where we’re from

We are from “My Favorite Sugar” cupcakes, the hamster & the squid, hula hoop choreography, journals, purple shirts, The Go Girls! Jar and Cookie Face
Thank you’s
Kiona’s first Kidpower
Lots and lots of love
“We are from Hoopa!”

We Are From Go Girls!
Go Girls! is where we’re from