Summer Camp is For Memories

IMG_1821Summer camp is a coming of age experience for kids all over the world. It’s in camp that many children have their first opportunity to discover their true identities outside of the expectations of their parents or teachers. Although I didn’t attend many camps when I was young, I did work in many programs for over a decade. The most satisfying part of my work was observing the transformation of the campers from their first nerve-filled day all the way through to the end of the summer where they’re exhibiting confidence that only comes from a deep level of comfort and relationship building.

As we inch closer to our summer season, and the start of Go Girls! Camp, I asked a few of my friends to share their favorite camp memories with me.

“When I was in a Girl Scout camp and we all got to stargaze with telescopes. So much fun! Also – another is when we created banners for each group with paint etc. and then we shared them together and voted for the best one.” –Tazim Damji   Being Tazim

“I remember shooting my very first arrow at summer camp. When we had the option to learn archery, I was so excited! It was something that I’d never thought I would learn, and at the ripe old age of 10, I ended up excelling at it! I’ll never forget that summer.” –Amiyrah Martin   4 Hats and Frugal

“My favorite camp memory is that we went to vacation Bible School each summer and made really cool arts and crafts projects.” –Janeane Davis   Janeane’s World

My mom forced me to go to camp one summer. I made up my mind to hate it. A group of girls I didn’t know, no electricity, food I wouldn’t like, OUTDOOR activities, the list could go on. I spent the first day ignoring everyone and pouting. One of the returning campers refused to let me be miserable. She made it her point to include me and make conversation even though I was being a brat. I broke at dinner when she made the most horrible joke you couldn’t help but laugh at. The rest is history – we became “camp sisters” and she remains one of my best friends to this day. Those two weeks ended up being the absolute best time ever and we cried like babies when it was time to go home.” –Michelle Garrett  Divas With A Purpose

I remember the summer between 8th grade and high school where I got to play a wicked step sister in an original Cinderella type story called “The Prince & I” It was awesome.” –Lynn Johnson Go Girls! Camp (Co-Founder) and Raising A Go Girl

I went to an outdoor sleep away camp for four years in a row. It was awesome! We would do arts and crafts out of natural materials, learn about the flora and fauna, hike, swim, play games and best of all… share skits around the campfire. I was known for my impressions. I loved performing with and for a close knit group of girls (you became bffs at camp), making them laugh, and feeling supported.” –Julie Douglas Go Girls! Camp (Teaching Artist)

What is your favorite summer camp memory? Share below in the comments!