Got Calm?

August 2014 115I have taught a lot of kids and teens in my seven year position as an instructor with the personal safety organization, Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International. And I’ve talked to as many concerned parents.

Parents usually have two big worries: how to keep their children healthy and how to keep them safe. I remember—as a new mother with my first baby, a girl—wondering how in the world I’d manage to keep her alive, let alone safe, thriving, and happy! The responsibility was vast and overwhelming. The thirty pregnancy books I’d read, the myriad holistic modalities I’d practiced, the prenatal and couples’ yoga classes, the three very different pre-birth classes my husband and I had taken; None of these would ever prepare me for the hugeness of becoming a mother, let alone the birth that led up to it.

And I’ll admit the thought of having a girl first, instead of that testosterone-buffer of a boy that I’d dreamt about as my firstborn, never crossed my mind, until the ultrasound appointment. When the technician announced in a singsong way that she didn’t “see anything down there!”…my motherhood with a girl began. And any calm I had went out the nearest window.

And I was scared! I wanted to ease into the scariness of parenting with a boy, and not a girl. I had seen girls as more fragile, harder to protect, and more of a safety liability. How could I keep my girl secure in a world that had been a scary place for me as a child and teen? I was one of the parents who I now regularly give safety skills to during Kidpower and Teenpower workshops. I was that mother who worried about the multitude of unanswered questions I had about how to teach my daughter to stay safe, not only in childhood but beyond and into adulthood.

But not anymore! Kidpower answers those questions and provides teachable, easy to remember skills for most any questionable or dangerous situation we parents dream up, witness on the news or hear about in social media. Kidpower makes safety doable; it takes the fear out of parenting by replacing it with safety skills that make sense and that work.

And now, as part of the Go Girls! organization my daughter is not only a Kidpower girl, but she also benefits from the compassion revolution that is Go Girls! My double-threat, safe, empowered daughter…for this I am so grateful! (And so much more calm!)