Version 2Chrissy Mulvihill is an award-winning teacher, champion coach, and facilitative leader with over 25 years experience empowering children and youth to make a difference in their own lives, their communities, and in the world.  

An expert in team-building, service learning, and leadership development, Chrissy is particularly excited to be able to share her gifts with Go Girls!   Chrissy comes to Go Girls! Camp with a deep commitment to the mission of putting girls center stage.  She has worked as a facilitator for both Girl Power (an AZ-based summer camp that teaches life skills to girls ages 8-12) and WomenStory (an intergenerational program for girls and women ages 13 and up focused on building positive female connections through personal testimony, ritual, and retreat).  She remembers that low self-esteem caused her to miss out on too many opportunities in her own youth.  As a grown up Go Girl!, she is passionate about helping girls to love themselves enough to know they can accomplish anything.

A credentialed K-8 public school educator, Chrissy has taught both physical education and mathematics in the Phoenix, AZ area where she won a “Pride of Peoria” Teaching Award (2014) as well as the Student Council Advisor of the Year Award (2013).  As a student council advisor, she takes great pride in having prepared hundreds of 5th-8th graders to take leadership through organizing and planning events, mentoring younger children, and collaborating with adults to provide service to the school and community.

In addition to teaching, Chrissy has worked as a coach, youth minister and summer program leader with programs throughout the Phoenix area.  A former athlete, Chrissy has coached youth softball, basketball, and track.  Currently, she coaches club volleyball in the 12 and under girls division, where her team defeated dozens of teams from all over the world to take 1st place in “The Volleyball Festival.”

Chrissy is the mother of 2 daughters, ages 16 and 19 and a 14 year old son.  She lives in Phoenix with her kids, her husband, Mike, and their 2 dogs.  Chrissy enthusiastically admits to be the sister of Glitter & Razz co-founder, Allison Kenny, and is super grateful that she gets to escape the Phoenix summer heat while she spends her summers here in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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