Oct Bullying Awareness
October is Bullying Awareness Month.
Folks all over the country are focusing this month on helping kids (and the adults who love them) learn and practice the skills to help build safer and more loving schools and communities.

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We sincerely believe that it is important to address bullying from an asset-based approach – What we can DO – vs. a deficit-based approach – What we must ELIMINATE.  It’s damaging to label any kid as “a bully.”  Instead, we at Go Girls! consider “bullying” a set of behaviors that we all engage in in some way or another as we learn to negotiate our power in the world.  And that “the cure for bullying” comes from all of us learning how to use our power in peaceful and respectful ways.

To this end, throughout the rest of the month, we are giving you…

25 tips to help you teach your daughter how to respect herself, command respect, and respect others

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We can all work together to help our girls (and our boys) stay safe, happy, and healthy in their relationships.  We are honored to be part of making this happen.

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