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Take Center Stage: A Free Webinar for Educators

Wednesday February 17 at 3:30pm EST

In this free 45-minute online webinar, I will share:

  • The story behind Go Girls! Camp and how we have inspired hundreds of Bay Area girls (and boys) over the past decade
  • The art & science of our Go Girls! Culture Code, our 5-point social/emotional methodology that helps girls step into their peaceful and powerful selves:
    • Say Yes! – I am ready for anything.  I say yes to keep the fun going.  I say no to keep myself safe.
    • Give & Take – I give to others and I am happy.  I take in the good and I am healthy.  I am a Go Girl! and I belong.
    • Make Mistakes – I am not perfect.  I celebrate myself for learning and trying.  I get to grow and change.
    • Feel My Feelings – I feel happy and angry and everything in between.  I can act calm…even if I’m not.  I am just right as I am.
    • Take Center Stage – I make bold and brave choices.  I have the power of my voice, body & imagination.  I am part of the whole play.
  • A few practical examples of how we integrate social/emotional learning and the arts to create a learning environment that is safe, loving, and fun while also providing opportunities for healthy risk-taking
  • Ways to get your students involved in our programs including: Go Girls! Camp (for rising 1st-4th graders), our Go Girls!/Reel Stories (for rising 5th and 6th graders) and our Go Girls! Leadership Team (rising 7th-9th graders)
  • Answers to any questions you have!

When you RSVP, you will be entered to win a free spot in one of our camp sessions for a girl of your choice!

If you are interested but cannot attend the live webinar, please RSVP anyway. 

That way, you will receive a link to the recorded webinar and can watch it whenever it is convenient for you.

PrintEveryone who RSVPs will receive a free copy of my e-book by the same name, Take Center Stage: Supporting the Social/Emotional Health of Our Girls. 

Go Girls! Camp Season Show Calendar 2013

The time we have all been waiting for is here…Go Girls! Camp season starts Monday!  Over 200 girls are getting ready to take their rightful place center stage.  Can’t you just feel the creativity, courage, and compassion in the air?

We invite you to join us this summer at one of our 9 (FREE) Bay Area performances.  You will be part of a radically loving audience of families, friends, and girl advocates.  You will learn more about what girls, ages 5-13, think and feel about themselves, each other and their world.  You will be stunningly entertained by their original plays, songs, dances, and art pieces.  You will leave feeling inspired to make art, make connections, and make change.

Summer 2013 Show Calendar


Spark! Ideas for Supporting Girls (And Fighting Back Against Bully Behaviour)

Day-1*We love celebrating girls — and all the amazing people who support them! That’s why we are all about a cool 10 day campaign launched by Toward the Stars: “As we continue to see big corporations misrepresent our girls in media, marketing and toys we want to take a moment to acknowledge the people that work tirelessly to create sustainable mission driven businesses or not for profit organisations that provide great resources and positive options for our daughters. For 10 days we will be featuring  the most amazing allies that inspire Girls to be Strong, Smart and Daring.” Today is Day 5, and we are feeling inspired by the editors’ daily picks! Make sure to check them out on the Towards The Stars blog!

*We’re also feeling pretty excited about this June 9 webinar about girl friendship issues being hosted by New Moon Girls:  There, girls 7 to 9 can learn how to “make friends, keep friends, be a friendly person, deal with sticky issues and what to do when they experience inconsistent friendship. Girls will learn the do’s & don’ts of friendships, how to be assertive with friends, and how to handle conflict with friends.” It costs $35 to join the webinar, which will be led by Kimber Bishop-Yanke, M.I.M., founder of GirlsEmpowered.

*…And speaking of teaching girls to be good friends and allies: On May 15, Girl Scouts launched BFF (Be a Friend First),  a national initiative to prevent bullying targeting middle school girls. What Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez had to say about this new program really resonated with the Go Girls! mission: “Giving girls the skills, support, and tools they need to stand up for themselves and others is a key component of leadership. We are creating a program that, with the guidance of adults, can help girls to make their world a better place on an issue that is important to them.”

*ONE LAST THING: It can be hard for all of us to quiet the critical voices in our heads. Taking time to daydream and create a vision of what we want can help us start to picture ourselves as the star of our own story! Read Go Go Girls! author Allison Kenny’s recent blog post about how the character she created for Starring Celia learned to do just that (and how you can help your daughters take center stage in their own lives!)

Spark! Raising Resilient Girls

parenting-girlsDid you see this smart article Meet the new girl: Parenting a gender-neutral generation, published Monday on CNN? Love the advice from experts, and real moms like Shannon McCormick of Columbus, Ohio, who hands out thoughtful compliments to her 3-year-old: “I tell Sophie ‘You’re pretty and you have a big heart!’ or ‘You look gorgeous and did such a creative job of matching your outfit this morning.'”

…We’re feeling pretty good that the organized protest against Disney’s Merida makeover seems to have made an impact: As Tracie Egan Morrissey sums up on Jezebel: “As a response to the public outcry, Disney has quietly pulled the redesigned Merida from its Princesses website and replaced it with the original Pixar version. It seems like petitions actually are useful sometimes!”

Another article we’re thinking about is a very personal blog Elizabeth Flora Ross wrote about her daughter’s medical struggles — and the importance of developing  resilience: “At four years old, she insists on being responsible for her twice-daily seizure medication. She shakes it, measures it and administers it to herself. I am in awe of her.” she writes on Moonfrye. How do you help your daughters become resilient? 

ONE LAST THING: This weekend, The Maker Faire is coming to San Mateo, California. This is an awesome event where kids can play and experiment — and meet inspiring girls like the 11-year old star of Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show.

Learn Kidpower with Allison this Weekend

Allison & Tesla Face OffGo Girls! Camp Director Allison Kenny is a certified Kidpower Instructor and integrates their incredible people safety skills into our Go Girls! curriculum.  But you don’t have to wait until summer to learn Kidpower with Allison.  She is leading a full Kidpower Parent-Child Workshop for 5-8 year-olds with their adults this weekend and spaces are still available!

When: This Saturday, March 2, 10:30-12:30am
Where: Black Pine Circle Lower School in Berkeley


From their flyer:

In this active, upbeat workshop, families practice using “People Safety” skills in everyday life situations familiar to young children. People  Safety skills help prevent problems with peers, family, and strangers.  The skills can help kids feel safe and confident dealing with strangers and with people they know, too. People Safety skills also help strengthen important relationships by improving communication.

CLICK HERE to see the Full Online Flyer>>>

Say Yes to Go Girls! in Santa Cruz

Go Girls FREE Feb 24 Santa Cruz Event Image 2013


Santa Cruz MAHlogoWe are so excited that Go Girls! Camp is expanding beyond the Bay for the first time ever in our partnership with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.  This is one of the coolest museums around in that it’s whole mission is to become a interactive museum – where folks from the community are more than simply patrons of the arts…they are part of the whole process.  For those of us here at Go Girls! where we make our own plays, this mission is right up our alley!

Please visit Lynn and Allison this Sunday at the Santa Cruz MAH.  You can click here for more info and pre-registration.

A Free Go Girls! Happening, Sunday February 10, San Francisco

Go Girls FREE SF Website Image

Maybe you heard some good things about Go Girls! and you want to check it out for yourself. Or, maybe you are already a Go Girl! and you just can’t wait to come back. Well, come on.  Lynn & Allison, the women who made up Go Girls!, want you to come hang out.

You will see a play and you will be part of the play at the same time. You will make some stuff. You will make some friends. You will learn some things you need to know to be the boldest, bravest girl you can be. And, you will see what Go Girls! Camp is all about.

Whether you are in kindergarten, 5th grade, or any grade in between, we guarantee this will be one of the coolest afternoons you have ever had! Your parents are invited to be part of the fun too.

Pre-registration for the Go Girls! Workshop is required. And you must pay $20 in advance to hold your spot for this super cool afternoon. Your $20 will be refunded after you attend the Happening.

Online Form – FREE Go Girls Event Sign Up