The Basics

How do I register for camp?

Registration is now open for all camp sessions.  To register for these sessions, click here.

The camp day runs from 9am-4pm.  Do you provide before/aftercare?

Before and aftercare (until 6pm) are provided at the Go Girls! BERKELEY site through the JCC of the East Bay.  Aftercare is provided at our North Oakland Community Day School (NOCCS) and Redwood Day School sites in Oakland until 5:30pm.  More specific drop off and pick up information will be available when you register.

What should she bring to camp each day?

Your daughter should arrive with her lunch (with water bottle if possible) and enough food for a morning snack.  We always have water and provide an afternoon snack.  Girls should come dressed comfortably enough to move & groove, play outside, and risk a paint splatter here and there.

Can we sign up for just 1 week of camp?

No.  Go Girls! Camp and Go Girls! Productions are both designed to be a cumulative experience for girls with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  We understand that you may have to miss days here and there.  That is fine.  But you must be able to commit to the full program when you register.

Can we switch sessions after we register?

Sure, providing there is a spot available in your desired session.  If there is not a spot available in your desired session, we can place you on the waitlist or keep you in your original session.

When and where is the final play?

This is a change from years past.  The Go Girls! Camp play is at 3pm on the final Friday of camp.  The Go Girls! Productions film screening is at 4pm on the final Friday of camp.

What if we have to miss the last day of Go Girls! Camp?

Again, the camp is designed with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  Although working on the play is not the only part of what we do at Go Girls! Camp, it is a very large part of the experience.  Go Girls! are learning what it is like to create something they care about and to share the hard work of their play with a loving audience.  Having to miss the final play is a real bummer – for your daughter and for us.


My daughter is coming to camp with her friend.  Can they be put in the same groups?

In Go Girls! Camp, girls are placed into two different types of groups:

  1. Ensemble Groups – These groups are organized based on the girls ages – a group each for younger girls, middle age girls, and older girls. Ensemble Groups attend all classes together throughout the day. Ensemble Groups are a great opportunity for girls to connect with friends they know from outside of Go Girls!
  2. Family Groups – These groups are designed to help girls meet and connect with girls they wouldn’t otherwise play with throughout the day. Because of this, these groups are formed across ages and all effort is made to place girls in Family Groups with other girls who are new to them.

When you register, you have an opportunity to request any girls whom your daughter would like to be placed with in Ensemble Groups ONLY. If your daughter is coming to camp with friends from outside of camp, we guarantee that she will be placed with at least one of the friends she requests.

Because of the nature of Family Groups, we do not take requests for pairings in these groups.

Who teaches at Go Girls!?

Go Girls! Camp grew out of the direct teaching of founders, Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny.  With the growth of Go Girls!, Lynn and Allison are no longer the day-to-day teaching artists at the camps.  However, they do show up regularly as guest artists.  Allison sometimes leads Kidpower training for all the girls sites and Lynn uses her 25 years of theater experience to help the girls explore their themes even deeper.

Instead, Lynn and Allison hire and train an incredible Go Girls! Camp staff.  We only hire and train experienced, professional teaching artists who share our vision for igniting a compassion revolution through the arts and have tons of experience teaching this age group.  These leaders are supported by Assistant Teachers who are in charge during free play time and lend their incredible talents to classes and the final play.  Our staff team is rounded out by our amazing Go Girls! Leadership Team (GGLT), our innovative “counselor-in-training” program for middle school girls.  All of our staff also receives extensive training from Allison and Lynn before camps begin. 

My daughter isn’t quite 6.  Can she still come to camp?

Go Girls! Camp is specifically designed to be developmentally appropriate for girls in elementary school.   If your daughter has completed kindergarten and will be turning 6 soon, she is certainly welcome at Go Girls! Camp.

What is your camper/teacher ratio?

Our main goal is that every girl to feel safe, valued, and respected. To that end, our camps are intimate – For Go Girls! Camp: 48 girls maximum with a 6 full-time staff members (8:1 ratio) and for Go Girls! Productions: 30 girls maximum with 3 staff members (10:1 ratio). In addition to those staff members, our Go Girls! Leadership Team members are on site to play with and role model for girl; all helping to create a loving environment.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you first complete your registration, we require you pay a deposit of 20% of your tuition to hold your place. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance for all camp sessions is due on June 1. In the event of a cancellation before June 1, we refund your balance in full (less the deposit). If you cancel after June 1, we refund your balance less an extra $50 cancellation fee and your initial deposit. If you cancel within 30 days of the first day of your summer camp, we will issue you a credit in the full amount of your balance (less the deposit and cancellation fee) for you to use towards next summer’s Go Girls!. This credit is non-transferable and will be valid for 365 days.

Do you have financial aid?

The vision of Spotlight: Girls is to ignite a compassion revolution by putting girls center stage.  To that end, we set aside funds each year for the purpose of sharing the experience of Go Girls! with as many girls as possible.  We use part of this money towards creating programs in specific communities of need.  The rest we use to help girls in need attend our fee-based summer camps.  If you are in need of assistance to attend summer camp, click here for more information.

What is your TAX ID Number?  I need it, along with a receipt for my taxes.

81-2582268. After you have registered for and made your final payment for camp, we will provide you with a receipt for your records.


My daughter is coming to camp without anyone else she knows.  She is shy and afraid of meeting new people.  What will it be like for her?

The focus of Go Girls! is to teach and reinforce social/emotional skills through thee arts. Because of this, our main goal is for all kids to feel safe, heard, and respected and to teach them the skills to treat others with that same level of respect.  The first couple of days of camp are dedicated to building our community so that every feels included.  We begin and end each day in “Community Circle” to allow for ongoing connection opportunities.  We play theater-inspired games that help girls feel comfortable working/playing with others they don’t know.

My daughter is afraid of performing/she has never done it before.  What it will be like for her?

Many girls credit Go Girls! Camp as the first place they fell in love with performing because the environment is such a safe and nurturing space to explore.  Plus, Go Girls! Camp is not simply a drama camp. We incorporate visual arts into each day so that girls with a diversity of interests, personalities, and learning styles find their way into the creativity.  We never force anyone to perform in the final play if they don’t want to.  However, this is rarely a problem. Since the girls make up the plays themselves, they are very invested in them and are usually quite passionate (a.k.a. jumping off the walls) about sharing their final product with a loving audience.

My daughter is very outgoing and has done lots of plays before.  Will Go Girls! Camp build her skills?

Certainly.   Camp founders Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny are both professionally-trained actors with many years of experience both performing and teaching theater to people of all ages. They have designed Go Girls! Camps to teach BOTH performing skills AND collaborative skills.  Creating and rehearsing a play from scratch in 2 weeks is not an easy feat for any artist, let alone young ones.  They will feel the challenge of having to memorize lines very quickly, express emotions through the choices they make on stage, share their loud voices with audiences of 100+ people, and practices like active listening, generosity, and self-discipline it takes to strengthen their acting practice.  It is important to say however, that the experience of making a Go Girls! Play is different than rehearsing a traditional play with an existing script.  First of all, it is never longer than an hour long.  And second, in the creation of the play, we work hard to make sure all girls are included.  This means that, although older girls and/or girls with more performing experience may have a few more lines than other girls, no one girl is ever “the star of the show.”  To girls with a lot of acting experience, the plays feel a little weird at first.  But again, because all the girls are so invested in the making of the plays, they end up loving what they have created together.

My daughter has special needs.  Is Go Girls! Camp right for her?  How will you support her during camp?

We have long history and proven track record of supporting children with special needs.  When you register for camp, please share any and all information you want us to know about your daughter.  At that time, Allison will contact you and set up a time to have a pre-camp discussion to get more details and learn more about what strategies you have that help your daughter succeed in school and other programs.  This information is then passed along to the teaching artists in charge of that session.

Didn’t you used to be called “Glitter & Razz?”  What happened to Glitter & Razz?

Yes, we were founded in 2006 as Glitter & Razz Productions.  For 5 years, the Glitter & Razz Dramatic Play Space was located in Rockridge neighborhood in the basement of the College Avenue Presbyterian Church.  In that space, we offered a number of camps, classes, and birthday parties for girls and boys ages 4-11 in the summer and afterschool.

In September 2012, we decided to change the focus of our work to ignite a Compassion Revolution by putting girls center stage.  We moved out of the space, we discontinued our programming for boys and younger kids.  We stopped doing birthday parties.  Glitter & Razz Productions was then focused on its main product, Go Girls! Camp.

Then, in May 2016, we changed the name of our business to Spotlight:Girls to better reflect the vision and focus of our work.


Are you a non-profit organization?

No. Spotlight: Girls a benefit corporation committed to using business as a tool for community-building and world-changing. We are always learning about new and innovative ways that businesses are involved in making real change happen and we partner with schools, other businesses,  and non-profits in the work of making this a happier and healthier world.  Co-founders Lynn and Allison specifically chose to become a for-profit in order to elevate the value of the work of professional teaching artists in our society.

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