Rising 5th and 6th grade girls work together to produce, direct, edit, and star in their very own short films.


As our Go Girls! get older, they need a space of their very own to connect, create, and grow.  In Go Girls Productions, rising 5th and 6th grade girls will work together in small teams to produce, direct, edit and star in their very own short films to be screened on the last day of camp along with the Go Girls! Camp show.

Go Girls! Productions is a proud partner of Camp Reel Stories, a popular media camp for teenage girls founded and directed by Esther Pearl, a veteran of the entertainment industry.

Based in the Go Girls! Camp methodology and adapted to meet the specific needs of tween girls, Go Girls! Productions gives girls the skills and tools to make movies in the new digital media era.  Working in small, collaborative groups, this camp gives older Go Girls! the opportunity to:

  1. Make Media – Learning the skills of production from talented and experienced teaching artists
  2. Think Critically – Age appropriate media literacy lessons will help tween Go Girls! be able to see and talk about the media they consume in new and powerful ways
  3. Be Role Models for Younger Go Girls! – Go Girls! Productions sessions happen on site with our Go Girls! Camp.  Although Go Girls! Productions campers will participate in their own classes led by their own teaching artists, there are also specific points in the day when they get to share their work and build meaningful relationships across ages.


Go Girls! Productions happens in all 3 locations throughout the summer.

See all camp details here.  Go Girls! Productions camps are $715 ($689 early bird) and run Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm and coincide with the regular Go Girls! Camp day.  A final screening of the films takes place at 4pm on the final Friday of the session.  A multi-camp discount will apply when you also register your younger daughter for Go Girls! Camp.

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