In Go Girls! Camps, rising 1st – 4th grade girls make plays, art, and music that we believe will change the world.

Go Girls! all dressed up

Over the course of 2 weeks, girls in Go Girls! Camp work together to create and perform their own plays that reinforce social/emotional skills.  All camps are led by a team of highly trained and very talented theater teaching artists, expressive artists, and the coolest teen assistants you will ever meet (basically, these are girls you want your daughters to grow up to be).

Looking for camp for your older daughter?  Check out our Go Girls! Productions, where rising 5th and 6th graders work together to produce, direct, edit, and star in their own short films.  

The structure of the Go Girls! Camp day (9am-4pm) is designed to include the perfect balance of facilitated community building time, arts-based instructional time, and plenty of free play.  Girls engage with drama/acting, visual arts, creative movement/dance, music, and media.  We take time to play outside.  We take time to relax and read.


The “big show” is performed at 3pm on the last day of the 2 week session and just might be one of the most exciting and original theatrical experiences you will ever attend.  When your daughter goes through the process of creating and rehearsing her own play that incorporates her learning and ideas, she has the chance to:

  • Imagine herself as anyone or anything
  • Share her voice, body, & imagination in peaceful and powerful ways
  • Practice (a lot), make a bunch of mistakes, & practice some more
  • Be witnessed by a loving audience

“I was just filled with joy [watching the performance].  I wasn’t just waiting for my kid to come on.  I learned something every moment.  And, I’m a little bit cynical, to be honest, about values orientated summer camps.  But you guys really walk your talk.  And I saw the changes, not just on stage, but at home.  And it was so relaxed.  To get such a strong performance on stage with so little stress around it – [my daughter] does a lot of theater – and that’s unique.”

Culture Code PurpleGo Girls! Culture Code

The “Go Girls! Culture Code” is how we break down our big picture vision of a Compassion Revolution into accessible, doable pieces that we practice with the girls everyday during camp.

Being Go Girls! means we:

  • Say Yes! – I am ready for anything.  I say yes to keep the fun going.  I say no to keep myself safe.
  • Give & Take – I give to others and I am happy.  I take in the good and I am healthy.  I am a Go Girl! and I belong.
  • Make Mistakes – I am not perfect.  I celebrate myself for learning and trying.  I get to grow and change.
  • Feel My Feelings – I feel happy and angry and everything in between.  I can act calm…even if I’m not.  I am just right as I am.
  • Take Center Stage – I make bold and brave choices.  I have the power of my voice, body & imagination.  I am part of the whole play.

In each 2 week session of camp, we integrate our Culture Code into a brand new theme that we explore with the girls through all artistic medium.  The theme of Summer 2017 is #I’MPROUD where we celebrate our differences.  Read more about the Summer 2017 Themes>>>

Go Girls! Camp and Kidpower

i need help

kidpowerGo Girls! Camp is proud to partner with Kidpower, is a global non-profit leader in teaching positive, practical personal safety skills to protect people of all ages and abilities.  All Go Girls! receive a Kidpower workshop where they learn positive, practical, and effective ways to think, move, and speak to stay safe in challenging personal safety situations.

…[Go Girls! Camps] give kids the time to practice the kind of child-led, complex, imaginative play that research shows helps children learn to work in groups, to resolve conflicts, and to regulate their own emotions and behaviors… read more…

See all camp details here. Go Girls! Camps are $699 ($669 early bird) and run Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm.  Financial aid, multi-camp, and multi-sibling discounts are available.


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