It’s not just a summer camp.  It’s a movement.  In Go Girls! Camps, rising 1st – 6th grade girls make plays, art, and media that we believe will change the world.  Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Go Girls! Camp is igniting a Compassion Revolution by putting girls center stage.  Learn more>>>

The Job

The Social Media Intern will play an active role in the growth of Go Girls! Camp’s online community. Under the supervision of the co-founder and CEO, the intern will help maintain our presence on various social media platforms by creating and publishing content that is relevant to our customer base. S/he will regularly analyze and report on the activity on social media networks as well as the Go Girls! Camp website. S/he will also assist in maintaining our archive of digital images, videos, and other content.

This is a part-time internship; roughly 20 hours a week of work from now through the end of May (with the option to extend into future work).  We expect daily (Monday-Friday) interaction on all of our social channels and a monthly stipend of $500 will be based more on performance and results rather than punching a clock.  We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area but you don’t have to be.  This work can be done remotely.

You would also be invited to join us for our 2 Day training in June in the Bay Area.  Led by Go Girls! Camp co-founders, Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny, this training teaches the ins and outs of our highly successful Go Girls! Methodology and will give you the chance to learn, practice, and strengthen the skills that will benefit your career as a girl advocate and leader anywhere you choose to share your gifts in the world.

Responsibilities:  As the Go Girls! Social Media Intern, you will..

  • Create, draft, proofread, and schedule posts for all of our social media channels
  • Maintain ongoing management of branding on all social media profiles
  • Find articles, stories, resources, relevant pics, video, or other content that is relevant to our customer base and updates social media accounts daily (Monday-Friday) in a manner that invites conversation and interaction
  • Assist in creating and implementing the social media strategy for an upcoming crowdfunding campaign
  • Respond to posts or comments on other folks’ blogs/social media channels on behalf of Go Girls! Camp
  • Use relevant analytics platforms to assess trends and activity on social media channels and the Go Girls! Camp website
  • Actively and enthusiastically participate in and contribute to regular check-in meetings with the rest of the Go Girls! Camp marketing team
  • If local, attend various camps and other events to gather content for social media purposes.  If remote, you will manage and support members of our team to gather and document content at events for social media purposes.

Qualifications:  Go Girls! is seeking someone who has…

  • A passion for supporting peaceful & powerful girls!
  • A love for creating and posting super cool social media content: familiarity and facility with social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+
  • Experience with relevant tech tools: Google Apps, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, basic photo-editing software.  Experience with Photoshop, digital photography, and video production a plus!
  • Flexibility: multi-tasking and managing time and challenges in a variety of situations is key; can work independently as well as collaboratively
  • Chutzpah: we like folks who have the guts to take initiative and try new things in new ways
  • Impeccable Social/Emotional Skills: Ability to manage stress and emotional triggers, willingness to use direct communication, ask for what you need and listen to others’ needs
  • A Curious and Reflective Mind: It is super important that you are the kind of person who is always learning, always thinking about how you can do better, open to loving feedback
  • Positive energy: Someone who loves playing with others, who models kindness in her/his communication and has the ability to have and hold clear boundaries

The Process: To apply please…

  1. Submit your resume with a cover letter that clearly shows your experience with and love for social media and why you specifically want to share that part of yourself with us here at Go Girls! Camp
  2. In addition to your resume and cover letter, also send links to your social media accounts, blogs, or any social media profiles you have managed
  3. Submit all of this via email to Lynn Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO of Glitter & Razz Productions (the parent company of Go Girls! Camp) at with the subject line “I Want To Be the Go Girls! Camp Social Media Intern”

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