Smaller Starring Celia Coverby Allison Kenny
Illustrated by Thorina Rose

Starring Celia is the story of a 4th grade girl who experiences painful name-calling – and responds by slapping the girl who bullied her. But when Celia enrolls in a Go Girls! Camp, she learns to stand up for herself in peaceful and powerful ways.


‘Starring Celia’ is a compelling, heart-warming story that deals with hard issues like bullying in a hopeful and empowering way. Celia’s inside commentary is laced with humor and wisdom that accurately reflect the angst and joy of the preteen years. Any girl who has felt alone or gotten upset for making mistakes will identify with Celia and learn and grow as they read about her adventures at a ‘Go Girls!’ Camp.

– Irene zan der Zande, Founder & Executive Director, Kidpower International, Santa Cruz, CA

Allison signs a copy of Starring Celia for a young fan at the Book Launch, March 2012
Allison signs a copy of Starring Celia for a young fan at the Book Launch, March 2013

This book speaks the language of tween girls but offers the kinds of solutions that can be hard for young girls to access themselves without a little guidance. Celia faces the struggle that so many young girls face, pressure and pain around social acceptance. And her own attempts to deal with it aren’t effective. Her parents enroll her in an innovative camp that uses theater to help girls create a safe space to explore their own empowerment and learn some strategies for building their own self-confidence in positive ways. Starring Celia is perfect read for girls who will immediately relate to this likeable and realistic character. And it is also a great resource for teachers and parents looking for creative ways to empower girls and use the creative arts for social change.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

– Deborah Youngblood, Researcher, Author & Women’s Advocate, Mother, Boston Area, MA

Celia is SO AWESOME, but she does make some mistakes. Her dog is very lovable and kind of like my dog. The book taught me it’s OK to make mistakes.

– Zoe, 9th years old, Palo Alto, CA


From Chapter 1 of "Starring Celia" - "The Slap"
From Chapter 1 of “Starring Celia” – “The Slap”

‘Starring Celia’ is an absolutely fantastic book. Celia makes mistakes, just like we all do, and we get to work with Celia as she learns a better way to deal with her feelings and issues. I read this book to my two 10-year old girls and 6-year old son and they all loved it…For my girls, they couldn’t stop asking about attending a Go Girls! camp, because the experience was vibrant and appealing.

– Jason Woodrum, IT Professional & Father of 3, Greater Detroit Area, Michigan


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