Go Girls! Thru the Ages

Go Girls! Camp started in 2008.  But, “Go Girls!” have been around waaaaaaay before that!  Since the beginning, girls have been bold & brave, saying yes to hard things, and changing the world. This summer, we take you on an artistic journey celebrating all of us Go Girls! of the past, present…and future.

Session 1: The Go Girls! Legends Tour

The Legends Tour

Up, up & away!  It’s time to jump into our time machine and take an adventure through time and space.  We will get to meet the women and girls who can teach us how  to break new ground, tell new stories, build new worlds, and become…well…legendary.  Younger girls will love building their own time machine and creating adventure tales through movement and art.  Older girls will love putting themselves in the shoes of great leaders and imagining how they may rule the world one day.  June 16-27 in Berkeley, Oakland, and Santa Cruz

Session 2: Peace, Love & Go Girls!

Peace Love and Go Girls!

“Flower Power” just got reinvented…Go Girls! -style!  When we girls see things that are unfair, we know we can use our super powers of peace and love to make them right.  So, grab your bell bottoms and go go boots, this summer is gonna be outta sight!  Younger girls will love making art that helps people (and animals) feel better.  Older girls will love designing their own retro costumes that inspire “dancing in the streets.” July 7-18 in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco

Session 3: Oh-So-Totally Go Girls!

Oh so totally Go Girls

Once upon a time, we grown-ups were kids, too.  When we were your age, we wore florescent socks, played Ms. Pac Man, and thought about  fitting in even though we wanted to stand out.  Let’s, like, make a totally awesome play about it.  Younger girls will love inventing “girl power” video games and dressing up in “totally tubular” costumes.  Older girls will love making their own 80’s teen movie – Go Girls! style! July 21 – August 1 in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and Alameda

Session 4: The Future of Go Girls!

The Future of Go Girls

Do we dare to imagine what Go Girls! will be like in 50 years?  In 100 years?  What will we wear?  What will we do?  How will we feel?  How will we save the world?  We Go Girls! of 2014 are pretty creative so, let’s figure it out! Younger girls and older girls will love inventing wild and amazing stories about what might happen in the world according to Go Girls!.  August 4-15 in Berkeley

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