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Activity: Honorary Go Girls!

What do all of these folks have in common?  They all showed the world just how amazing they were by the time they 18 years old!  Both historical and contemporary, these bold and brave women and girls inspire us to #BeAmazing ourselves.

This Women’s History Month, we have identified 12 “Honorary Go Girls!” who have changed/are changing history by being true to themselves and following their dreams.

We invite you to:

  1. Download the Honorary Go Girls! 2016 PDF.
  2. Learn about these 12 inspirational girls/women.
  3. Answer the reflection questions associated with each story.
  4. Share your reflections with us here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or on Instagram using the hashtag #BeAmazing.

Anyone can participate.   It doesn’t matter your age, these Go Girls! can motivate all of us to move a little closer to our best selves!