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11 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Work for Go Girls! Camp

By now you might already know how amazing Go Girls! Camp is for the girls who join us each summer. Maybe your daughter continues to join us year after year. Or maybe you’ve attended one of our free webinars. Maybe you’re across the country, or the world, and while the Go Girls! in your life might not be able to attend camp, maybe you want to keep up with us anyway.

But what you might not already know is that working at Go Girls! Camp is just as fun as attending!


Help prepare girls to lead a Compassion Revolution

This one is a no brainer. Every day at Go Girls! Camp we use our own methodology to inspire and reinforce social/emotional skills in our campers. We do this in a variety of fun ways, and we break down what seems complicated into bite-sized pieces in our Culture Code.


Wear cool Go Girls! gear

Lets face it: Who doesn’t want to wear one of our amazing logos on every piece of clothing possible?! Our staff gets access to new designs, colors, and styles as well as an excuse to wear their gear as much as possible!


Make a play and change the world

Can a play really change the world? We definitely think so. Seeing the transformation many of our campers experience from the first day of camp to the moment they take their final bow is a pretty transformative experience for our staff members, too.


Gain amazing professional and personal development at staff training

We want our staff to feel empowered by their work at Go Girls! Camp, so our training is a lot more than camp policy and powerpoint presentations. You’ll immerse yourself in our program, Culture Code, and methodology as you make new friends and prepare your own play, just like our Go Girls! do.


Free massages mid-summer

At Go Girls! Camp we know that doing amazing, life-changing work is part of why our staff joins us and keeps returning for more. But we also know that work like that is HARD. So every summer our staff comes together for a little R-and-R, Go Girls! style.


Learn Kidpower

Go Girls! Camp works closely with Kidpower, an international leader in teaching positive, practical personal safety skills to protect people of all ages and abilities, both in our camps (during Kidpower sessions) and in our overall methodology. This partnership is great for our girls and staff members—we even find ourselves using Trash Can Power once in a while!


Work with an amazing team of artists

We think our staff members are the best of the best: inspiring leaders, compassionate teachers, and phenomenal artists. And you could join the ranks! Besides being talented in their respective disciplines, our expressive artists are generous teachers to campers and other staff.


End every day of camp with a dance party

Our camp days are pretty long and while they’re filled to the brim with fun activities, free play, and time to chill, we think the best way to end the day and prepare to start fresh in the morning is to have a camp-wide dance party! Now tell us, how many other jobs can offer that as a perk?


Practice mindfulness each day of camp

We love approaching all of our work from a place of mindfulness, but sometimes the day-to-day gets in the way. At Go Girls! Camp we not only emphasize this practice, we make special time for it. We think it’s a great way to reconnect, recharge, and avoid burnout.


Learn from Lynn and Allison

Our co-founders are amazing leaders and some of the most inspiring women we know. Working with Go Girls! Camp means working directly with and learning from Lynn and Allison. They’re always popping into camp, leading Kidpower workshops, and working with staff to make sure everyone is getting the most from their Go Girls! Camp experience.


Be celebrated for exactly who you are!

Our two-week camp leads up to the “big show” at each location, where Go Girls! not only create the story but also get to be who—or what—ever they want to be. Robot Monkey? Check. The President?  Duh. Robot Monkey President?  Why not? All we’re asking this summer is that they aim to #BeAmazing. And that goes for our staff members, too!

Are you sold? Check out our job openings here!

Spark! Helping Girls Dream Big

Photo Feb 22, 11 40 40 AM*We all want the girls in our lives to dream big! That’s why we were so excited to see these 7 Easy Actions to Inspire Your Daughter to Dream Big, all wrapped up on a brand new blog entry on Girls Can’t What?. We especially connected with this great piece of advice:  “Be sure she takes time out daily to dream and be creative. Start with just 5 minutes. That will impact her life in unexpected ways in our overscheduled, busy lifestyles. (If she doesn’t have 5 minutes, then we need to talk.)”

*… and here’s another great list of 7 important tips: How to Raise Assertive Kids Who Speak Up for Themselves and Others: 7 solutions to help kids develop self-confidence, buck peer pressure and speak up for themselves, a new article from Dr. Michele Borba, author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions. Among her advice is this gem that connects so strongly with what we believe at Go Girls!: “Kids… tell us they gain that confidence…by entering into activities, clubs, teambuilding, etc. and the earlier the better. So provide opportunities for your child to be a member of a team, take charge of a project or lead others. You might also enroll your child in public speaking or theatre to build confidence in speaking in front of others. ”

*Now it’s your turn to help make a list: On the Pigtail Pals blog, Melissa Wardy is looking for input from other girl advocates who were disturbed by Disney’s sexy makeover of Brave’s plucky protagonist Merida: Right now, Wardy wants to use your input to “create a list of 5-7 Action Items that creatively lays out steps Disney can take to make this right…By using our consumers voices to talk *with* a corporation (as opposed to making demands from) we demonstrate to the people inside that we understand they are friends and parents and neighbors who may not completely understand the issue or how to get out of it. This community believes in ‘When you know better, you do better.’ Let’s show Disney how they can do better.” What do you think Disney should do?

*ONE LAST THING: The 12 middle school girls serving this summer on the Go Girls! Leadership Team spent May 18 and 19 together in Santa Rosa, CA to bond with each other, learn about leadership, and share their gifts and talents. Check out the highlights of some of their magical moments on YouTube!

Spark! Ideas for Supporting Girls (And Fighting Back Against Bully Behaviour)

Day-1*We love celebrating girls — and all the amazing people who support them! That’s why we are all about a cool 10 day campaign launched by Toward the Stars: “As we continue to see big corporations misrepresent our girls in media, marketing and toys we want to take a moment to acknowledge the people that work tirelessly to create sustainable mission driven businesses or not for profit organisations that provide great resources and positive options for our daughters. For 10 days we will be featuring  the most amazing allies that inspire Girls to be Strong, Smart and Daring.” Today is Day 5, and we are feeling inspired by the editors’ daily picks! Make sure to check them out on the Towards The Stars blog!

*We’re also feeling pretty excited about this June 9 webinar about girl friendship issues being hosted by New Moon Girls:  There, girls 7 to 9 can learn how to “make friends, keep friends, be a friendly person, deal with sticky issues and what to do when they experience inconsistent friendship. Girls will learn the do’s & don’ts of friendships, how to be assertive with friends, and how to handle conflict with friends.” It costs $35 to join the webinar, which will be led by Kimber Bishop-Yanke, M.I.M., founder of GirlsEmpowered.

*…And speaking of teaching girls to be good friends and allies: On May 15, Girl Scouts launched BFF (Be a Friend First),  a national initiative to prevent bullying targeting middle school girls. What Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez had to say about this new program really resonated with the Go Girls! mission: “Giving girls the skills, support, and tools they need to stand up for themselves and others is a key component of leadership. We are creating a program that, with the guidance of adults, can help girls to make their world a better place on an issue that is important to them.”

*ONE LAST THING: It can be hard for all of us to quiet the critical voices in our heads. Taking time to daydream and create a vision of what we want can help us start to picture ourselves as the star of our own story! Read Go Go Girls! author Allison Kenny’s recent blog post about how the character she created for Starring Celia learned to do just that (and how you can help your daughters take center stage in their own lives!)

Spark! Raising Resilient Girls

parenting-girlsDid you see this smart article Meet the new girl: Parenting a gender-neutral generation, published Monday on CNN? Love the advice from experts, and real moms like Shannon McCormick of Columbus, Ohio, who hands out thoughtful compliments to her 3-year-old: “I tell Sophie ‘You’re pretty and you have a big heart!’ or ‘You look gorgeous and did such a creative job of matching your outfit this morning.'”

…We’re feeling pretty good that the organized protest against Disney’s Merida makeover seems to have made an impact: As Tracie Egan Morrissey sums up on Jezebel: “As a response to the public outcry, Disney has quietly pulled the redesigned Merida from its Princesses website and replaced it with the original Pixar version. It seems like petitions actually are useful sometimes!”

Another article we’re thinking about is a very personal blog Elizabeth Flora Ross wrote about her daughter’s medical struggles — and the importance of developing  resilience: “At four years old, she insists on being responsible for her twice-daily seizure medication. She shakes it, measures it and administers it to herself. I am in awe of her.” she writes on Moonfrye. How do you help your daughters become resilient? 

ONE LAST THING: This weekend, The Maker Faire is coming to San Mateo, California. This is an awesome event where kids can play and experiment — and meet inspiring girls like the 11-year old star of Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show.

Spark! Merida’s Creator Fires Back at Disney

braveBravo to Brave writer and co-director Brenda Chapman, who fired back against Disney for it’s extreme makeover of feisty main character Merida from natural beauty to sexy siren: “There is an irresponsibility to this decision that is appalling for women and young girls,” she said in an email to the Marin Independent Journal. “Disney marketing and the powers that be that allow them to do such things should be ashamed of themselves.”

Want to express your own outrage? Sign the petition started by A Mighty Girl.

…In a related note, we have been thinking a lot about  a recent article about the sexualization of girls published The New York Times. The article — A Line Between Sweet and Skimpy — includes some great advice from parenting experts, as well as important facts like this zinger from Kenyon College professor Sarah K. Murnen, who called the sexy clothes trend, “particularly alarming because her research indicates that when adults look at girls dressed in sexualized clothing, they take them less seriously.”

Also, did you see the results of  Today show survey of 7,000 U.S. mothers? They said “42 percent said that they sometimes suffer from Pinterest stress – the worry that they’re not crafty or creative enough.” Does this sound familiar to you? Read Common Sense Media editor Sierra Filucci’s response:

“It’s so easy to get caught up in their poignant photos and celebratory posts about kids’ accomplishments and start believing that this carefully curated online identity is actually the sum of your mom friends’ lives… And so, just like we tell our kids to avoid looking to social networks for validation by hanging on every comment and “like,” we need to tell ourselves the same thing. These lives you see online are deceptive — they appear to be intimate portraits of families that are much better organized and having way more fun than you — but they’re only part of the story.”

 ONE LAST THING: This is Children’s Book Week, and a great time to celebrate reading — and all the important lessons we can learn from smart, savvy characters. Make sure you check out Allison Kenny’s blog, 10 things  learned by writing “Starring Celia,” to find out more about this great book (including how to buy your own copy).

Spark! Great Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

*Looking for a great way to celebrate the moms in your life? We love this idea from Bluebell Giving, which lets you buy a super cute Mother’s Day card, then make a donation thcards-little-gift-lrg-wowmomat your lucky recipient can use to support a cause of her choice. There are many charities to choose from, including organizations that support causes close to our heart, like youth development, the arts and more.

*…speaking of Mother’s Day, we just read this blog on MomsRising.org about an online action being coordinated by Corporate Accountability International. To celebrate Mother’s Day, the group is organizing parents to pressure McDonalds to stop marketing to children: “…this Mother’s Day, let’s all ask for something we really want: for McDonald’s to stop trying to undermine our choices for our kids,” writes blogger and advocate Gigi Kellett. What do you think? Will you join this campaign?

*And here’s a straight-forward tool you can use to raise awareness about the consumer issues negatively impacting girls and women: The smart people at MissRepresentation.org is encouraging you to use the  hashtag #NotBuyingIt to “Let the media know: sexism won’t sell.” On the MissRepresentation website, you can learn more and take a look at the ads that other community members have already highlighted.
One last thing: We checked out Babble’s list of 16 of the Best Movies for Mother’s Day for a great list of movies to watch with Mom. Glad Brave, Makers and the original  FREAKY FRIDAY made the list. Tell us: What other fabulous flicks would you include?

Go Girls! Week in Review: April 20

This past week has been full.  Very full.  And it’s been a profound week…for all of us, hasn’t it?  From the Boston Marathon bombing, to the explosion in West, Texas to the Gun Control filibuster, we have seen folks come together under extreme duress and folks ripped apart over politics and ideology.  America’s compassion muscles have certainly been tested this week.  So much so that I woke up yesterday morning with the overwhelming need to share what we here at Go Girls! have been up to this week.  I hope you will see that we really are “walking our talk” and doing the work it takes to ignite the Compassion Revolution that we all so desperately need.

Here are 5 highlights from the past week:

1. Go Girls! Camp Staff Reunion & Gathering: Last Saturday, April 13, the incredible team of Lead Teaching Artists came to Allison and my home for brunch, hugs, and conversation in preparation for this summer’s camps.  We are so grateful to be working with this team of smart, passionate, dedicated, reflective, and talented women.  Take a look at the photo album from the event and the video we made (below).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hY5MpoMA2c]

OMG Online Course Logo2. Course Outline Complete for upcoming OMG UR My BFF: Helping Girls Navigate the Friendship Drama.  Allison and I are working on a brand new product that we can’t be more excited about.  Girl Advocates is a learning series we are developing to help parents, educators, and other caring adults come together to receive inspiration, information, and tools to help prepare our girls for happy, healthy lives.  We consider it “education for the compassion revolution.”  The course will be online and self-paced and will launch on May 15.  Learn more here…

3. Edutopia @ Glenview Elementary: For many years, I have been a big fan of the website, Edutopia.org (a program of the George Lucas Educational Foundation).  The site finds and features model programs and ideas for “what works in education.”  And according to the Foundation, our partner school, Glenview Elementary School in Oakland, WORKS!  Go Girls! has been a program at Glenview for the last 2 years now, and Allison, who is in charge of all of the amazing work that is happening there, was interviewed this past Thursday by the folks at Edutopia.  We will be part of a video documentary about what is working at Glenview to come out this summer or fall.  We’ll certainly keep you posted!

4. The Alphabet Rockers @ Go Girls!:  We have also been huge fans of the Alphabet Rockers, an educational hip hop crew, for many years and have dreamed of ways we might come together.  Finally, on Wednesday, we secured founder Kaitlin McGaw as a guest artist for our July 9-18 session at the JCC in Berkeley.  She will be adding her talent and expertise as a musician and teaching artists to our Onceuponatime & Ever After theme – teaching girls techniques in singing, beat boxing, and other forms of vocal performance as a way to share their stories.  The Rockers are headed out of town next week for a tour of Boston and NYC.  We wish them luck!

5. The Art of Empathy at the Mentoring Conference: On Thursday, I presented my workshop, The Art of Empathy, to an incredible group of professionals at Friends for Youth’s Annual Mentoring Conference in Santa Clara.  It was such an honor and a privilege to be able to spend this time with these folks, especially given everything that has happened this week in our country…in the world.  The workshop focused on how to practice and teach empathy with groups of children using the arts, theater, and play; how to be more empathetic as a mentor in an one-on-one relationship with a mentee; and how to use the practice of emotion coaching as a key empathy practice to help kids be more in charge of their own emotional health.