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11 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Work for Go Girls! Camp

By now you might already know how amazing Go Girls! Camp is for the girls who join us each summer. Maybe your daughter continues to join us year after year. Or maybe you’ve attended one of our free webinars. Maybe you’re across the country, or the world, and while the Go Girls! in your life might not be able to attend camp, maybe you want to keep up with us anyway.

But what you might not already know is that working at Go Girls! Camp is just as fun as attending!


Help prepare girls to lead a Compassion Revolution

This one is a no brainer. Every day at Go Girls! Camp we use our own methodology to inspire and reinforce social/emotional skills in our campers. We do this in a variety of fun ways, and we break down what seems complicated into bite-sized pieces in our Culture Code.


Wear cool Go Girls! gear

Lets face it: Who doesn’t want to wear one of our amazing logos on every piece of clothing possible?! Our staff gets access to new designs, colors, and styles as well as an excuse to wear their gear as much as possible!


Make a play and change the world

Can a play really change the world? We definitely think so. Seeing the transformation many of our campers experience from the first day of camp to the moment they take their final bow is a pretty transformative experience for our staff members, too.


Gain amazing professional and personal development at staff training

We want our staff to feel empowered by their work at Go Girls! Camp, so our training is a lot more than camp policy and powerpoint presentations. You’ll immerse yourself in our program, Culture Code, and methodology as you make new friends and prepare your own play, just like our Go Girls! do.


Free massages mid-summer

At Go Girls! Camp we know that doing amazing, life-changing work is part of why our staff joins us and keeps returning for more. But we also know that work like that is HARD. So every summer our staff comes together for a little R-and-R, Go Girls! style.


Learn Kidpower

Go Girls! Camp works closely with Kidpower, an international leader in teaching positive, practical personal safety skills to protect people of all ages and abilities, both in our camps (during Kidpower sessions) and in our overall methodology. This partnership is great for our girls and staff members—we even find ourselves using Trash Can Power once in a while!


Work with an amazing team of artists

We think our staff members are the best of the best: inspiring leaders, compassionate teachers, and phenomenal artists. And you could join the ranks! Besides being talented in their respective disciplines, our expressive artists are generous teachers to campers and other staff.


End every day of camp with a dance party

Our camp days are pretty long and while they’re filled to the brim with fun activities, free play, and time to chill, we think the best way to end the day and prepare to start fresh in the morning is to have a camp-wide dance party! Now tell us, how many other jobs can offer that as a perk?


Practice mindfulness each day of camp

We love approaching all of our work from a place of mindfulness, but sometimes the day-to-day gets in the way. At Go Girls! Camp we not only emphasize this practice, we make special time for it. We think it’s a great way to reconnect, recharge, and avoid burnout.


Learn from Lynn and Allison

Our co-founders are amazing leaders and some of the most inspiring women we know. Working with Go Girls! Camp means working directly with and learning from Lynn and Allison. They’re always popping into camp, leading Kidpower workshops, and working with staff to make sure everyone is getting the most from their Go Girls! Camp experience.


Be celebrated for exactly who you are!

Our two-week camp leads up to the “big show” at each location, where Go Girls! not only create the story but also get to be who—or what—ever they want to be. Robot Monkey? Check. The President?  Duh. Robot Monkey President?  Why not? All we’re asking this summer is that they aim to #BeAmazing. And that goes for our staff members, too!

Are you sold? Check out our job openings here!

Don’t Ever Tell Her “Stop Crying”

We love Princess Merida, don’t we? But, not when she is packaged and expertly displayed in a way that causes us to fight with our daughters in the middle of Target.

The Scenario:

You are with your 6 year old daughter at Target.  You have to pick up the last minute supplies you need for your Thanksgiving dinner.  You want to be in and out because it’s crowded and being in Target too long always stresses you out.  However, those end cap displays that are designed to distract and lure your daughter have succeeded once again.

Her: Ooo, Mommy!
You: What?
Her: Can I get this Merida doll?  Please?
You: No.
Her:  But you like Merida!  She’s not a Barbie.
You: Honey, we are not here to get toys.  We’re here to get aluminum foil, extra forks, and chicken broth.  That’s it.
Her: But Mom, look, I don’t have anything like this yet.  Please!
You: I said no.  Now, c’mon.
Her: Mom… (She starts to cry…yes, in the middle of the store.)
You: Stop crying!  That’s not how to get what you want.  Let’s go.

Allison Signs & Smiles.Starring CeliaAllison Says:

“Never tell her to ‘stop crying’.  First of all, it doesn’t work.  Second, you are denying her the right to have feelings.  We adults think that girls deliberately use their feelings to manipulate us into getting what they want.  This is almost never the case.  Sure, all kids play with all kinds of tactics to get what they want.  We all do.  But feelings are just feelings.  No weapons.  Everyone has them and everyone has a right to have them.  When tell our girls ‘stop crying,’ we are sending the message that they are bad for having feelings.”

Take 2:

Same Scenario.

You: Honey, we are not here to get toys.  We’re here to get aluminum foil, extra forks, and chicken broth.  That’s it.
Her: But Mom, look, I don’t have anything like this yet.  Please!
You: I said no.  Now, c’mon.
Her: Mom… (She starts to cry…yes, in the middle of the store.)
You: (taking a breath and looking her in the eyes) I see you are sad because you can’t get the Merida doll.
Her: Yes!  I really want it!
You: I know.  I get it.  The Merida doll is cool.  I feel sad too when I can’t have things I want.
She sniffles.
You: (giving her a hug) C’mon. Will you in charge of helping me pick out the forks for Thanksgiving dinner?
Her: Okay.


Be Quiet!!!

CASEL has identified five interrelated sets of cognitive, affective and behavioral competencies.

In all of the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, it’s so easy for all of us to get carried away with all of the excitement, stimulation, and noise of it all.  Especially our kids.  But, it’s our job as adults to help teach our kids the skills they need in order to successfully cut through all that noise, calm themselves down, and make a new choice.  According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), 1 of the 5 SEL Core Competencies is:

Self-management: The ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations. This includes managing stress, controlling impulses, motivating oneself, and setting and working toward achieving personal and academic goals.

Don’t we all need a little extra support as we navigate the craziness of holiday shopping/entertaining/traveling/family dinners/house guests?  Why not use this holiday season as a 2-month practice in Self Management?

Relax & Read time at Go Girls! Camp
Relax & Read time at Go Girls! Camp

Each day at Go Girls! Camp, we have a time in our day called Relax & Read.  This is a critical time in our day right after lunch and recess where the girls have had plenty of time play and chat and laugh and run around.  Relax & Read is when the girls can practice self-management, practice controlling their behavior after such a high energetic output.  They practice moving from social time to alone time.  They start to value and look forward to this time as a way of balancing their energy throughout the day.  Sounds nice, huh?

I highly recommend implementing some kind of quiet time in your home.  Here are 5 points to help make your quiet times successful and…well…quiet:

  1. Transitions: If you pay attention to nothing else, focus on how you communicate transitions in and out of this quiet time.  Make sure to give your kids fair warning as to when the quiet time will begin.  For example, in the car in the way home from the mall you might want to say, “Okay, when we get home, you can spend 10 minutes looking through everything we bought and then we will start quiet time. Got it?”  They will need this warning to help them transition their energy.  Give them the same courtesy on the tail end as well.  Hopefully, she will get really into her quiet time and won’t want it to just end abruptly.  Give a soft warning “Honey, quiet time will be over in a few minutes and then it will be time for dinner.”
  2. Timing: Quiet time does not have to be long, especially if you are just starting.  15 minutes is a good length of time for kids and it will still be helpful.  As your family gets more practice, you can increase the time.  We do our Relax & Read for about 30 minutes.  Get out your smartphone and set the timer or better yet, have your daughter do it.  She will be more invested in the time when she can see when it starts and when it ends.
  3. My nieces having a holiday season/post-shopping quiet time.
    My nieces having a holiday season/post-shopping quiet time.

    Offer Few (screen-free) Choices:  Last weekend, I did a quiet time with my nieces after a shopping trip.  There choices were “lay down, read a book, or draw.”  That was it.  It’s always great to give kids a choice about what they can do with their time but it is overwhelming to have too many choices.  Fewer choices make it feel calmer for both of you.  Plus, this is time to practice unplugging and relying on yourself to get quiet so watching a show on the iPad does not help.

  4. Ritualize it: Do it everyday.  Or every Saturday.  Whatever you want and works for your family’s lifestyle.  Whatever you decide, giving your quiet time a regular place in your routine makes it just as important as bedtime or dinner time and it will give you all something to look forward to.  Plus, it’s practice.  You will get better at it the more you do it.
  5. Do it with them.  Quiet time is not just something your daughter will benefit from.  So will you.  Like I said, we all need a little practice getting sane during the holiday season, us grown ups included.  You may be tempted to use the time to get some chores done or make that one phone call.  I get it.  But I’m here to tell you that you deserve a few minutes of quiet everyday just like your kids do.  Plus, when you do it with them, you are modeling the importance of getting quiet in a way that will benefit your daughter for life.  So pick your book, grab your blankie, and settle in.