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11 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Work for Go Girls! Camp

By now you might already know how amazing Go Girls! Camp is for the girls who join us each summer. Maybe your daughter continues to join us year after year. Or maybe you’ve attended one of our free webinars. Maybe you’re across the country, or the world, and while the Go Girls! in your life might not be able to attend camp, maybe you want to keep up with us anyway.

But what you might not already know is that working at Go Girls! Camp is just as fun as attending!


Help prepare girls to lead a Compassion Revolution

This one is a no brainer. Every day at Go Girls! Camp we use our own methodology to inspire and reinforce social/emotional skills in our campers. We do this in a variety of fun ways, and we break down what seems complicated into bite-sized pieces in our Culture Code.


Wear cool Go Girls! gear

Lets face it: Who doesn’t want to wear one of our amazing logos on every piece of clothing possible?! Our staff gets access to new designs, colors, and styles as well as an excuse to wear their gear as much as possible!


Make a play and change the world

Can a play really change the world? We definitely think so. Seeing the transformation many of our campers experience from the first day of camp to the moment they take their final bow is a pretty transformative experience for our staff members, too.


Gain amazing professional and personal development at staff training

We want our staff to feel empowered by their work at Go Girls! Camp, so our training is a lot more than camp policy and powerpoint presentations. You’ll immerse yourself in our program, Culture Code, and methodology as you make new friends and prepare your own play, just like our Go Girls! do.


Free massages mid-summer

At Go Girls! Camp we know that doing amazing, life-changing work is part of why our staff joins us and keeps returning for more. But we also know that work like that is HARD. So every summer our staff comes together for a little R-and-R, Go Girls! style.


Learn Kidpower

Go Girls! Camp works closely with Kidpower, an international leader in teaching positive, practical personal safety skills to protect people of all ages and abilities, both in our camps (during Kidpower sessions) and in our overall methodology. This partnership is great for our girls and staff members—we even find ourselves using Trash Can Power once in a while!


Work with an amazing team of artists

We think our staff members are the best of the best: inspiring leaders, compassionate teachers, and phenomenal artists. And you could join the ranks! Besides being talented in their respective disciplines, our expressive artists are generous teachers to campers and other staff.


End every day of camp with a dance party

Our camp days are pretty long and while they’re filled to the brim with fun activities, free play, and time to chill, we think the best way to end the day and prepare to start fresh in the morning is to have a camp-wide dance party! Now tell us, how many other jobs can offer that as a perk?


Practice mindfulness each day of camp

We love approaching all of our work from a place of mindfulness, but sometimes the day-to-day gets in the way. At Go Girls! Camp we not only emphasize this practice, we make special time for it. We think it’s a great way to reconnect, recharge, and avoid burnout.


Learn from Lynn and Allison

Our co-founders are amazing leaders and some of the most inspiring women we know. Working with Go Girls! Camp means working directly with and learning from Lynn and Allison. They’re always popping into camp, leading Kidpower workshops, and working with staff to make sure everyone is getting the most from their Go Girls! Camp experience.


Be celebrated for exactly who you are!

Our two-week camp leads up to the “big show” at each location, where Go Girls! not only create the story but also get to be who—or what—ever they want to be. Robot Monkey? Check. The President?  Duh. Robot Monkey President?  Why not? All we’re asking this summer is that they aim to #BeAmazing. And that goes for our staff members, too!

Are you sold? Check out our job openings here!

Francesca & Matthew

I am a Go Girl because I am a leader, friend, and someone who helps other people to be their best.”

– Francesca, age 13, a member of the Go Girls! Leadership Team &  Go Girl! since 2008

Francesca and Matthew

“Go Girls! helps to make real some of my loftiest goals as a Papa:  to set the stage for my daughter fully to become herself, with a love of life, a sense of adventure, a willingness to do the work of loving and caring for others, and loving and caring for herself.”

– Matthew Levett, an Oakland dad and attorney


Violet & Joyce

I am a Go Girl! because Go Girls! makes girls confident about who they are. I went from really shy to not so shy (but I am still a little shy) because the Go Girls! teachers helped me feel more strong and confident than I was feeling. They subtly taught us through exercises and art work. I like that we did the performance and that made me more confident about talking to others and not being afraid to speak up. Instead of walking with my arms crossed and looking down at the ground I’m walking proudly. Go Girls! has taught many girls to be proud of themselves instead of trying to change who they are. Go Girls! is an amazing camp!”

– Violet, age 9, a Go Girl! since 2013


Violet and Joyce

“When Violet started Go Girls! Camp 2 years ago, she was a sad and lonely child who felt friendless and powerless. My mother and I both noticed the amazing changes in her after that first summer. She would greet people! She started saying things like “I’m amazing!” She started being able to chat with the kids at school. Go Girls! truly helped her feel like she has worth, she matters, and she has something to say and to give the world. I am so very very grateful to Go Girls! for this.”

– Joyce Slaton, San Francisco mom, writer and blogger at BabyCenter.com


Come See a Go Girls! Camp Show this Summer

Go Girls! create and perform their very own peaceful and powerful plays that we believe will change the world.

On June 27, 64 Go Girls! performed for packed houses of family and friends in Oakland and Berkeley.  Maybe you were there to experience the magic.  If you weren’t no problem.  You have plenty of chances before the summer is over.

2014 Show dates image



OAKLAND: College Avenue Presbyterian Church, 5951 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618 (in the Sanctuary)

BERKELEY: JCC of the East Bay, 1414 Walnut Street, Berkeley, CA, 94709 (in the Theater)

SAN FRANCISCO: Children’s Creativity Museum, 221 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (in the Theater)

ALAMEDA: Lincoln Middle School, 1250 Fernside Blvd, Alameda CA, 94501 (in the Auditorium)

HOOPA*: Hoopa Valley High School, 5 Loop Road Hoopa, CA 95546 (in the Auditorium)

*Go Girls! Camp Hoopa was funded by the generous donations of folks just like you as part of our successful “Start Some Good” Campaign in 2013.

Work out Your Empathy Muscles with Playback Theater

Some members of the Living Arts Playback Theater Ensemble
Some members of the Living Arts Playback Theater Ensemble

Allison (Go Girls! co-founder) is a member of the Living Arts Playback Theater Ensemble.  Playback theater is “is an improvisational form whereby personal stories told by audience members are transformed into theater pieces.”  I consider Allison and the rest of her company members to be master empathizers as they are constantly doing the hard work of listening deeply to other people’s stories and, using a variety of theater forms, telling their audiences “We hear you. We hear you so well that we even hear what you are not saying.  We hear you.  We understand you.  And we are creating this space so that you can all better understand each other.”

Building more empathetic communities is the number one strategy for eliminating societal issues such as bullying.  I define empathy as the ability to recognize, understand, and relate to the humanity in each other.  When I can truly empathize with you, I cannot possibly wish you harm.  When you truly empathize with me, you understand that, although we may not share the same histories and experiences, we share the same emotions.  We both understand fear and joy and anger and awe.  If we can connect through our emotional experience, we can wish each other well and build healthy relationships.

The good news is that empathy is a muscle that can be trained and exercised and strengthened.  Why not take a tip from the master empathizers and build your empathy muscle using some Playback Theater?

  1. For an example of Playback Theater in action, refer back to our “Throw your Mistakes in the Tower of Oops” post where we feature a video of playback in action.
  2. Allison & Tesla Face OffConnect with your daughter when you can make the time and space for deep listening and deep sharing.
  3. Ask her to share about the best thing that happened to her that day, a mistake she made or about any problem that happened.
  4. Play back her story exactly as she shared it- don’t add any solutions, advice or interpretations.
  5. Be sure to playback the feelings of her story.  Playing back the feelings is more important than playing back the exact details of the story.   If you are not sure about her feelings, ask about them before you do the playback.
  6. When acting out the story, make her laugh by taking on all the different characters in her story, using props and being dramatic.  Be authentic and play back her feelings with care.
  7. If you feel too uncomfortable acting her story out, try another art form:
    1. PLAYBACK with WATERCOLOR or any art supplies you are drawn to (pastels, sharpies, glitter, collage, metallic pens, paint or charcoal pencils
    2. PLAYBACK with MUSIC improvising a song on the spot about her story or playing your favorite instrument while speaking your interpretation of her story
    3. PLAYBACK with WRITING by putting her story into a poem or “once upon a time” story that write out after listening to her, then read back
    4. PLAYBACK with MEDIA by illustrating her story in a comic, animation or graphics using on-line software
    5. PLAYBACK with DANCE by improvising movement that honors her story- be sure to use your whole body (including face) to really show the feelings and each moment she went throughYou are showing her what a great listener you can be without judgment and teaching her that her stories are important
  8. By playing back her story, you are showing her what a great listener you can be without judgment and teaching her that her stories are important.
  9. Make sure to give her a turn to play back a story of yours!  Remember, you are both giving your empathy muscle a work out.  Before you share a story, remember:
    1. Tell a story on the same theme she’s going to share (favorite part of day, mistake you made or problem)
    2. Share something that actually happened and be open about what your feelings were
    3. Choose a story that is a good fit for her to hear developmentally and won’t be too much for her to process
    4. By sharing in this way, you are modeling how to be vulnerable and trusting her to see you as a person.  This builds empathy and trust.

This post is #14 of 25 Tips to Teach Your Daughter to Respect Herself, Command Respect, and Respect Others.  Wanna make sure you get all 25 Tips for Bullying Awareness Month?  CLICK HERE and we’ll send ‘em right to your email!

For more incredible Go Girls! resources for helping your girl stay safe, happy, and healthy in her relationships, check out Kidpower and get your copy of Starring Celia.

Go Girls! Camp Season Show Calendar 2013

The time we have all been waiting for is here…Go Girls! Camp season starts Monday!  Over 200 girls are getting ready to take their rightful place center stage.  Can’t you just feel the creativity, courage, and compassion in the air?

We invite you to join us this summer at one of our 9 (FREE) Bay Area performances.  You will be part of a radically loving audience of families, friends, and girl advocates.  You will learn more about what girls, ages 5-13, think and feel about themselves, each other and their world.  You will be stunningly entertained by their original plays, songs, dances, and art pieces.  You will leave feeling inspired to make art, make connections, and make change.

Summer 2013 Show Calendar


Celia Says- “A Go Girl! takes center stage in her own life”

As an artist, I’ve had to work hard to imagine myself as the leading lady in my own life. Even as a newly published author and girl advocate with a fabulous slew of friends and wonderful family, I still get that critical voice in my head telling me “You don’t deserve it” or “you’ll never really make it.” I know it’s universal. All of us have that inner critic that wants to kick us into the background- the dark wings of the theater, watching everyone else make their dreams come true.

In Starring Celia, my main character learns to take center stage. Sure, it doesn’t happen automatically. In fact, there’s a moment early on where Celia can’t event imagine herself in a leading role- she tries, but her fantasy will only take her as far as servant to the Queen.

Illustrated by Thorina Rose from "Starring Celia" written by Allison Kenny
Illustrated by Thorina Rose from “Starring Celia” written by Allison Kenny

Suddenly, my daydream is interrupted by Quincy Dayton! How did she get inside my dream? There she is, sitting in a tall, red velvet chair with the White House dog at her feet. Quincy is ordering everyone around and they are listening.  Then she calls loudly for her servant and there I am, in ratty clothes, hunching over and feeding her ice cream with a silver spoon.

Stop! I hate this daydream! But I can’t stop picturing it.

The thing I love most about theater is that it helps us imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes. As actors, we get to dream up a character and feel our way into that…a rehearsal for life. And because our character, Celia, is in a Glitter & Razz play, she gets to choose her own character. She keeps imagining herself center stage and eventually chooses the role of Vice President. By the end of the book, she can see herself surrounded by adoring fans, bright lights and applause. She’s strong, smiling, center stage…in her power. Sure, this was on a literal stage. But the feeling stayed with her. Back at school, Celia stares into the face of the girl who bullied her and keeps her cool. Makes a new choice. She changed her story about how powerful she actually gets to be in her real life.

Allison Takes it All in.CROPPEDA couple years ago, I got really interested in overcoming my own critical voices. I was determined to change some of the beliefs that were holding me back. I heard about a process for making “self-revelatory theater” through the Living Arts Counseling Center in Oakland. For about 6 months, I showed up to a church basement with a group of other determined artists. We wrote our stories. We shared them. We shaped them into 20 minute solo pieces where we got to wrestle with old beliefs and shape them into new endings.  Mine included a flashlight dance and singing to Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.” When I stood before an invited audience of trusted friends and soaked up their deafening applause, something truly shifted in me. I felt like Celia…a Go Girl! standing center stage, believing I could do anything. Sure, it was just a play. But I’ve been different since. Lighter. Braver. More honest about what I need and want. Making that play actually did my world.  Time to head out and change theirs…

Share a “center stage” moment with me.  It doesn’t have to have any connection to the theater. When did you feel like your happiest, most authentic self? Where were you? What were you doing? Can you imagine yourself as the lead character in your own life?

Allison Signs & Smiles.Starring CeliaAllison Kenny is the author of “Starring Celia” and the co-founder of Go Girls! @ Glitter & Razz.  “Celia Says” is a series that brings to life the lessons she learned while writing the book.  She shares them as a way of helping you you to tap into your inner Go Girl! with courage and compassion.

Say Yes to Go Girls! in Santa Cruz

Go Girls FREE Feb 24 Santa Cruz Event Image 2013


Santa Cruz MAHlogoWe are so excited that Go Girls! Camp is expanding beyond the Bay for the first time ever in our partnership with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.  This is one of the coolest museums around in that it’s whole mission is to become a interactive museum – where folks from the community are more than simply patrons of the arts…they are part of the whole process.  For those of us here at Go Girls! where we make our own plays, this mission is right up our alley!

Please visit Lynn and Allison this Sunday at the Santa Cruz MAH.  You can click here for more info and pre-registration.

A Free Go Girls! Happening, Sunday February 10, San Francisco

Go Girls FREE SF Website Image

Maybe you heard some good things about Go Girls! and you want to check it out for yourself. Or, maybe you are already a Go Girl! and you just can’t wait to come back. Well, come on.  Lynn & Allison, the women who made up Go Girls!, want you to come hang out.

You will see a play and you will be part of the play at the same time. You will make some stuff. You will make some friends. You will learn some things you need to know to be the boldest, bravest girl you can be. And, you will see what Go Girls! Camp is all about.

Whether you are in kindergarten, 5th grade, or any grade in between, we guarantee this will be one of the coolest afternoons you have ever had! Your parents are invited to be part of the fun too.

Pre-registration for the Go Girls! Workshop is required. And you must pay $20 in advance to hold your spot for this super cool afternoon. Your $20 will be refunded after you attend the Happening.

Online Form – FREE Go Girls Event Sign Up