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Activity: Honorary Go Girls!

What do all of these folks have in common?  They all showed the world just how amazing they were by the time they 18 years old!  Both historical and contemporary, these bold and brave women and girls inspire us to #BeAmazing ourselves.

This Women’s History Month, we have identified 12 “Honorary Go Girls!” who have changed/are changing history by being true to themselves and following their dreams.

We invite you to:

  1. Download the Honorary Go Girls! 2016 PDF.
  2. Learn about these 12 inspirational girls/women.
  3. Answer the reflection questions associated with each story.
  4. Share your reflections with us here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or on Instagram using the hashtag #BeAmazing.

Anyone can participate.   It doesn’t matter your age, these Go Girls! can motivate all of us to move a little closer to our best selves!




#BeAmazing & The 10th Anniversary of Glitter & Razz

Did you know that 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of our business, Glitter & Razz Productions?

Back in 2006 when Allison and I made the bold & brave decision to take this little summer camp we had be doing for a few years in San Francisco and turn it into something bigger.  We registered our business name, got our tax id number, opened a bank account, and set up shop.

Allison and me in one of our very first promotional photos for Glitter & Razz.
Allison and me in one of our very first promotional photos for Glitter & Razz.

This is why this year’s theme – #BeAmazing – is so important to us.  After a decade of saying yes to ourselves and our vision, celebrating our successes, learning from our failures, and working with hundreds of amazing kids, families, and teaching artists – we know first hand just how powerful and impactful it is when women and girls take center stage.  The idea behind our #Be Amazing theme is that 600 girls will take a virtual journey across Earth, Water, Sky, and Space declaring just how amazing we are.  Imagine the changes that kind of declaration can have on our world!

So, when we thought about how to best capture the spirit of this this theme, we, of course, turned to an artist.  And not just any artist.  We called Hannah Hammond-Hagman.  Hannah was the very first art teacher we ever hired back in 2003 – before we were a business of our own – running “Glitter & Razz Summer Theater Workshops” at the Marsh Youth Theater in San Francisco.  We LOVED Hannah.  Everyone did!  So much so that we worked together for a couple of years and became good friends.  Allison and I have a number of Hannah’s pieces in our home, including original multi-media pieces that she created especially for our wedding in 2006 (yes…another important 10 year anniversary!)

2016 Camp Poster

Because of all of this, I knew that Hannah was the perfect person to create our #BeAmazing image.  She enthusiastically agreed to do it (with a very tight turnaround, thank you very much) and now this gorgeous piece of art exists in the world.  I am honored that the original 30in x 22in piece is hanging in our home and I am grateful that I get to share it with all of you as part of our camp posters and postcards (graphic design by the very talented Jessica Arana).

The Go Girls! Camp #BeAmazing Expo:

To introduce #BeAmazing to our community, we are hosting a free event in San Francisco that we would love for you to attend – The Go Girls! Camp #BeAmazing Expo will be held at the Innovation Hangar on Saturday March 19 from 10am-12pm.  In celebration of Women’s History Month, there will be games and play and art-making for the entire family as well as some education about girls and women who have dared to declare themselves and change the world.  We hope to see you there!


HHHpicHannah Hammond-Hagman is a working artist residing in her Midwestern hometown after years on the East and West coasts. In her work over the past twenty years in arts education and arts and cultural non-profits, she has had the privilege to work with students from kindergarten to college age in the classroom and out in the community.  She remains committed to producing and designing creative curriculum and events that promote creative economic development and placemaking from the neighborhood level to the state level. She believes in the power of the arts to transform lives and communities, and nourishes this idea in her pedagogical practice, her studio practice, and her personal life.

Most recently, she has co-founded Community Supported Arts Valparaiso, a program that supports local artists in the creation of new works by selling future shares from those artists. The program has grown regionally in its second year. Learn more at csartvalpo.com.

Hannah earned her Masters of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from Indiana University, Bloomington. She lives in her hometown with her husband and son.

Let’s Talk About Crazy-Awesome Women!

Women shipbuilders during WWII.

Happy Women’s History Month and welcome to the one month of the year where we get to specifically celebrate ladies being awesome. Every day! For 31 days!

I, like most students of the public education system, was given an abridged version of women’s history in school: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed a super awesome girl-gang that fought for country-wide gender equality and suffrage (But really, can you believe that was a thing they had to fight for?), and Sacagawea was an incredible tracker and translator who is responsible for the settling of California and most of the western United States.

And don’t get me wrong, those women are important. But I know that I personally left high school feeling like I’d missed something and had to go looking for my own historic heroes. It’s just that there are a lot of important women. So many that I’d never be able to list them all if I sat here typing until the end of Women’s History Month.

Think about all of the amazing ladies throughout history we don’t talk about in school. The punk girlbands. The rebels and revolutionaries. The teachers, nurses, CEO’s, missionaries, fashion moguls, moms, ballerinas, neuroscientists, and every other important thing women are and can be!

Whatever you’re passionate about, take a lesson from any of history’s amazing and awesome women and get excited, make demands, and stand up for what you believe in.

You don’t have to be a Joan of Arc, a Serena Williams, or an Indira Ghandi if you don’t want to. But use this month to celebrate being you: an amazing, awesome Go Girl!