An important part of our Go Girls! Camp culture is our theme song, “I am a Go Girl!”.  All Go Girls! learn it and sing it as part of the final show.  The song speaks to the essence of what it means to be a Go Girl!  – a Go Girl! is not perfect.  She is someone who makes choices and makes mistakes.  She knows she can’t be perfect all the time so she simply works to be the best version of herself she can be.  A Go Girl! is just right exactly who she is.  

I am so proud, so proud

Proud of me!

I’m exactly the kind of girl that I want to be!


I’m not a mean girl,

I’m not a good girl,




I am just right, just right

Just right as I am!
I can express myself

Don’t have to dance to anyone’s plan

Of what a good girl should be,

Of what a mean girl should be,

Of what a bad girl should be,

Of what a sad girl should be,

Of what a scared girl should be,

Of what a brave girl should be,

I’m gonna MAKE MY WAY to the place that sets me free!!
(It’s time to look inside me)


Hands up!                 Go girls aren’t afraid to be seen!

                                    We treat each other like we are Queens!

Hands together!      Sisters, let’s open our hearts!

                                    We work it out ! We do our part!
To my center!          I’m a GO GIRL!I know who I am

                                    I am a part of this world and I’m a part of this plan

I breathe!



Written by Kelly Takunda Orphan for Go Girls! Camp
© 2012, Kelly Takunda Orphan and Glitter & Razz Productions LLC

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